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A Disaster of Biblical Proportions, Harvey Leads to a Biblical Response

A Disaster of Biblical Proportions, Harvey Leads to a Biblical Response Read Transcript

The rain continues, and so do the rescues.

People are using whatever they can,

from big trucks to even their old personal boats,

just trying to get people out of stranded cars

and bring them to safety.

Do you all have boats right now?

MAN: No, we don't have any boats.

We've got three boats.

MAN: Yeah, but we don't know the area.

ERIK ROSALES: These men tell CBN News they are

doing what God told them to do.

That is to leave the safety of their homes in Victoria, Texas

and drive up to the Houston suburb of Richmond

to save lives.

I think somebody has to be the first person

to put that foot out in front and say, we're

going to take this initiative.

ERIK ROSALES: Reed Goodman just moved from North Dakota.

He's been looking for work for the past five weeks

and didn't understand why nothing surfaced.

Now he realizes it was all part of God's plan, a plan that

included his father and brother take their boat to Houston

and save others from the rising flood waters.

A lot of these things fall into place for a reason

that we don't understand.

And they have a rhythm and emotion

that only God can put together.

ERIK ROSALES: Reed's brother Robbin

said he felt like God was calling him to serve as well.

So I gave a call up to my dad and said, where are you all?

They said, we haven't left Victoria yet.

And I said, all right.

I'm an hour behind you.

They had the boat, and I said, I'll be the driver.

ERIK ROSALES: The group thought that they would be camping

and sleeping in their trucks.

But thanks to Texas generosity, people

have opened their homes to give them food and shelter.

And sure enough, these mandatory evacuations

happen literally about 8 to 10 hours ago,

and there's going to be a flood of people that need it.

So opening the house up is like the smallest thing

we could possibly do to help.

ERIK ROSALES: With nearly two feet

of rain expected on top of the 30-plus inches in some places,

authorities worry the worst is yet to come.

Harvey's been blamed for several deaths so far.

It's been reported six family members

drowned when their van was swept away by the rising floodwaters.

And Houston's police chief fears there could be more.

There is a reality that we have to come to grips with.

And that is we are just beginning the process

of responding to this storm.

ERIK ROSALES: City engineers release water

from a pair of reservoirs to relieve pressure on older dams.

But most of that water flowed directly

into waterlogged neighborhoods.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has activated all 12,000 National

Guard members CBN Zone Operation Blessing is

helping the victims as well.

There's power in what we do.

And so that's the greatest calling

we have is to share the love of Jesus.

ERIK ROSALES: Meanwhile, Houston's first responders

and others are plucking thousands from the floodwaters.

We're looking forward to a good day tomorrow and many more

to come.

In Your name we pray, amen.

CROWD: Amen.

ERIK ROSALES: Including this group from Victoria, Texas.

And we wish that group from Victoria, Texas

the best of luck.

Again, there are still thousands of people out there

that are stranded on their rooftops.

And you can feel the wind combined with the rain,

it is starting to get a little cold

when you get damp out there.

Behind me right now is the Georgia Brown's Convention


And there are some 9,000 people that are inside there.

They're literally running out of cots.

They're just putting people on the floor.

Right now, a number of people are going inside volunteering.

I mean, we have medical doctors.

We have nurses.

We have just ordinary people, Texans helping other Texans.

That's what's going on here.

But everybody's concerned right now because tropical storm

Harvey has moved back out into the coast,

and it continues to gain strength.

And that's bringing more rain to this area.

That's something that we do not need.

And they're afraid that it's going to be hitting possibly

in the Louisiana area.

But that's going to bring even more rain

to this natural disaster.


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