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CBN's Erik Rosales Reports from the Frontlines of Harvey's Devastation

CBN's Erik Rosales Reports from the Frontlines of Harvey's Devastation Read Transcript

Well, Erik, Houston is so huge and widespread.

Is this an issue for the first responders?

Can they get to these people?

You know, it really is an issue.

Because we're talking about a 10,000 square mile area,

and it's just so vast and so wide.

So as of right now, first responders

are just kind of working their way out.

So a lot of people are just using their own boats,

trying to get to the people who are in the county area

to get them to safety, and to get them off the rooftops

and to bring them to a dry area.

It's just been tough.

You said more is on the way.

I heard one guy talking about another three,

four, five inches.

Is this going to--

there's no question there hasn't been a storm of this magnitude

on record, has there?

No question at all, Pat.

I'll tell you what, when we're talking

about the amount of rainfall that we're having,

the spillways are just--

they're over the bank, and that is

what's causing a lot of the neighborhoods

to become flooded, along with the reservoirs.

They're actually having to release even more water.

And they're trying to release it at a pace

where it will not continue to flood the neighborhoods down


But they have to release the water,

otherwise we could have a break in the levee,

and that could end up causing even more problems out here.

The thing that's touching people around the nation is how

warm-spirited those people in Texas are, Houston.

They are opening their hearts to help one another.

And then there's this thing called the Cajun Navy coming in

from Louisiana with boats to help them.

I mean, it's really heartwarming, isn't it?

Did you find anybody that's resisting this impetus?

It is.

No, absolutely not.


Nobody is resisting this effort.

I mean, we're talking about just Texans helping other Texans.

And you mentioned Louisiana, the Cajun Navy.

And yeah, they were out here as well.

We tried to get to them, but I tell you what,

the roads are just--

they're washed away.

And some of them are giving way.

We were on a couple of roads that were pretty scary when

the car starts to-- begins to move,

so we backed up out of there, because we

don't want to be part of the story as well.

Well, Erik, thank you for keep covering--


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