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Hundreds in Town Turn Out to Pray for Public School Bible Club

Hundreds in Town Turn Out to Pray for Public School Bible Club Read Transcript

In this era that many call post-Christian America,

lots of kids are never going to darken the door of a church,

but they are going to go to school every day.

And that's the genius of school Bible clubs.

They're right there with the word of God in the place

where all the kids are anyway.


been happening every year for hundreds of students

at the Redbank Valley High School

in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The town so behind the Student Bible Club,

more adults than students showed up

for this recent gathering outside the school

to pray for the Bible Club and kids

as the new school year begins.

That You would be in it all for all of us.

PAUL STRAND (VOICEOVER): You may think separation of church

and state means you can't start a Bible club in your school.

Not so, says the Redbank Bible club president.

To start one, it's easy because they can't tell you

no in a public school.

It's completely constitutional.

The people who are afraid will say

no until you prove them the facts

and show them that it is constitutional,

that they can't tell you no as a public school student.

Any school is able to have a Bible club.

And I think that is a good thing,

to be able to preach God's word to other students

because, like, they may not have the ability

to learn God on their own.

It is absolutely legal to have a Bible

club in a public school, First Amendment rights.

PAUL STRAND (VOICEOVER): The Redbank Bible Club

presents God's eternal truths, but wraps them up in ways

that are fun and fresh, so even those with little or no faith

still have a blast at the meetings.

Every school should have one.

I mean, in a hurting, dark world, the light shines


So I just pray for these leaders,

for the students here, Father, and those

that aren't able to be here, that You would empower them.

PAUL STRAND (VOICEOVER): This night, when the young and old

of New Bethlehem came to pray for their school and Bible

club, a large contingent of kids and adults

from the nearby Brookfield School District was on hand.

They came to pray, but also to get advice

as they attempt to make their own informal Bible group

into an official school club.

Redbank's success has touched them.

I actually came to one of their meetings once,

and I was so moved by just one meeting,

that it really, really boosted my want to have a Bible club.

I think it's exciting for all of us

to get to share expertise and knowledge

and really spread the ministry.

PAUL STRAND (VOICEOVER): The main message

from these students is take a leap of faith

and bless your own school with a Bible club.

I think that not only would it be a good outlet for Christians

and people of all religions, but I

feel like it would promote more kindness in the school because

of the Christian values.

If you are truly committed to God,

and you want to get His word out there,

and you feel like you're called to that,

then I think it's a really good thing to do and pass it

on to other schools.

And I think every school that has students willing to

should absolutely start a Bible club.

If you start a student Bible club,

you become more than just a student.

You become an active disciple of Christ,

right in the place where you're going everyday anyway.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting from Redbank Valley High

School, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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