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'We Love God and We Love People': Compassion Motivates Volunteer Rescuers

'We Love God and We Love People': Compassion Motivates Volunteer Rescuers Read Transcript


when you pull up in your boat, what

is their reaction like when they see you, this help coming?

KENNY VAUGHAN (ON PHONE): You know, freaking amazing.

They're courageous, man.

It's every religion.

It's every everything.

But they're extremely grateful.

You can see in their eyes that they're terrified,

but they're courageous.

They're calm.

They're not overrunning it.

They're just very grateful.

A lot of people are wanting to stay in their home,

thinking they're going to make it.

And we're praying they are.

But I'm just shocked and just grateful.

GEORGE THOMAS (VOICEOVER): I imagine that, along with that,

they maybe experience a sense of shock

at this happening so quickly and their homes being destroyed.


There is a state of shock.

But it's mild, at least it seems that way to me

because they're not irrational.

I mean, they're thinking.

I mean, some of them are borderline panicked,

but they're hanging in there.

It's impressive, and it's neat to see that part of it.

Because it wasn't quite what we expected.

We expected more panic and prepare

to not let the boat get sunk.

Those kind of things.


GEORGE THOMAS (VOICEOVER): So you're out there.

You volunteered your time and your boat

to go out into these situations which could have potentially

been risky if they did swamp your boat.

Kenny, why are you doing this?

KENNY VAUGHAN (ON PHONE): We love people, man.

We love God, and we love people.

And our families are safe in Beaumont.

We're close and we're getting floods--

our neighbors are getting flooded,

but we're not going to drown over here.

So these are a lot of boats, but they've

got their families here.

When it's you and your family, you're not out rescuing people.

You're saving your family.

So our families are safe, so we couldn't

sit there and watch it.

We couldn't.

We didn't know where to go.

We couldn't get anybody to answer,

so we just got our boats, and we got in our trucks,

and we followed the helicopters.

And we got into Houston.

And where we're working, there was

probably eight or 10 helicopters working the whole time,

airlifting people out.

We're getting as many out as we can with the boat.

I'm tired of our nation fighting with each other.

This is what we need to get back to.

We've all been hurt, and we've all hurt each other.

But the answer to all of that is to love God and to love others.

And that's what's happening over here.

You fall in love with your neighbors.

When you're looking them in the eyes,

carrying them out of there.

And, so, that's why we're here, and that's

why we came back today.


know that you're a believer.

I know that you follow the Lord.

I know your testimony and how you have always

sought to encourage people to trust God,

to do more than what they think they can do,

to believe in God for doing that.

Is that what you're relying on now in the midst of all this,

for His strength and His help to take you through this?

KENNY VAUGHAN (ON PHONE): Yeah, love never fails, [INAUDIBLE]..

I mean, we have to be smart.

We have to be wise.

We have families at home.

We can't take irrational and ignorant risks.

But love does what's best for others

without regard for yourself and not without wisdom.

And God wants us to use all of that.

But yeah, that's why I'm here.

The most important thing I've learned,

you know I'm not that smart-- most important thing I've

learned through all of it is that love isn't a feeling.

It's a choice, to do what's best for others

without regard for yourself.

And you can't do it for yourself,

but it's the best thing you'll ever do for yourself.

Nothing will fill you up from the inside

out like picking up your neighbor expecting nothing

in return.

And, so, that's what I live for.

It's what I want my children to live for.

But in this moment, honestly, we're

just focused on our neighbors.

That's it.

We just want to get them out of here.

And when you pick up one family, you can't leave, man.

When you see your family, basically,

looking you in the eyes.

We pull up to houses with mom and dad,

and their brand new raincoats and two-year-old baby

with floaties on her arms, and eight-year-old boys

with life jackets on.

That's my house.

So, that's why we came.

That's why we're coming back.



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