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'He Will Provide': Rescuers Obey the Voice of God to Save Devastated Houston Evacuees

'He Will Provide': Rescuers Obey the Voice of God to Save Devastated Houston Evacuees Read Transcript

And as you just saw, the president

did pay a visit to Texas to survey the ongoing devastation

from Harvey.

The once category four hurricane continues

to drop large amounts of rain on the flooded city of Houston.

CBN News Erik Rosales is on the ground there.

He visited a shelter where evacuees

are thankful to be alive, but are worried about their future.

I'm here at the George R. Brown Convention

Center in downtown Houston, where some 9,000

people are seeking shelter.

No one will be turned away, according to the Red Cross.

But people here-- many with only the clothes on their backs--

have lost everything-- their property, their home,

and many don't even know where their other family members are.

I've never had it like this.

I feel like a homeless man with nowhere to go.

But you know, my faith, it won't change.

ERIK ROSALES: Minister Larry Daniel

recently moved to the area with his wife Rhonda.

On Sunday, as floodwaters rose, she

rushed to a nearby hospital, where

her friend had been taken.

While she was gone, Daniel was forced

to evacuate their Dickinson mobile home.

Now, he has no idea where she is.

He says a friend tried to call her.

I haven't heard back from him.

So she had my phone.

Of course, having cell phones, you

don't remember numbers anymore.

ERIK ROSALES: He says right now, he's

broken, but will continue to keep his faith.

You know, when I need it, it shows.

So God's providing.

It happened so quick.

Within a few hours, it was, like, three feet in there.

And so I just grabbed whatever I could.

ERIK ROSALES: Shawn Palmer says he's

thankful for a man who came by his flooded home in a kayak

and saved his life.

He saved me.

And what had put him out there was just--

he wanted to help people.

And if the Holy Spirit didn't move his heart,

I don't know what would have happened to me.

ERIK ROSALES: We heard story after story

of how God moved ordinary people to step in and save lives.

Others wanted to help, but rising floodwaters

prevented it.

This is what it looked like outside of Houston's Lakewood


PAUL OSTEEN: But everything around us

was flooded-- all the highways, all the feeder roads.

It was just dangerous to try to, in any way, number one,

get volunteers here.

Or other people just couldn't reach the church.

ERIK ROSALES: However, some media outlets

criticized Lakewood and Pastor Joel Osteen

for not immediately welcoming those forced from their homes

by Hurricane Harvey.

We told the city that now that George R. Brown is full,

let us help.

We'll do anything we can to help.

And you know what?

We're not here just for this stage.

We're here to help rebuild and tear down and rebuild and clean


And so we're here for the long haul.

But during that window where we were being sieged,

people don't realize, we just couldn't move.

And it was dangerous to--

That was Erik Rosales reporting.

Lakewood Church is now collecting donations.

And as you saw, evacuees are staying at the church, as well.


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