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Joel Osteen Sets the Record Straight, Tells CBN He's Helping Houstonians Now and for the 'Long Haul'

Joel Osteen Sets the Record Straight, Tells CBN He's Helping Houstonians Now and for the 'Long Haul' Read Transcript

And here at Lakewood Church about 300 evacuees

are currently being housed.

And you can see behind me the amount

of support from Houstonians all over that

are bringing supplies here at Lakewood Church.

And we're joined with Pastor Osteen.

Pastor, thank you so much for joining us.

Hey, great to be with you.

Talk to us a little bit about the criticism.

Let's set the record straight.

Well, the church has always been open.

We received evacuees just early on.

Some of them wanted to go to a larger shelter that was set up,

but that the notion that we were going to turn people away

is not true.

The first couple of days, the church

was inaccessible or not safe.

There's-- you know, it looks like it's on this big hill,

but right behind me--

this building has flooded before when

the Rockets had it to play basketball back in 2001.

So we had to be very cautious there,

but once we got it up and running,

the other shelter filled up, and now we're

receiving people and just making a difference in our community.

I mean, you're here for the long haul.

I mean you want to see Houston rebuild.

That's exactly right.

It's, you know, this is-- you know,

a week or two these people that are sheltered will be moved on,

but you know, the next five years we'll have

teams working in the community.

We're still helping people from Katrina.

And so that's what it's all about.

And I love, too, that, you know, I get to talk a lot,

but this is getting to show the community what Lakewood is all


And so today thousands of volunteers

will come out bring all these supplies.

And we'll take them to the different shelters

here in town.

It's just amazing the generosity and the support

that Lakewood has in this community.

It really is.

I've been blessed to be here.

My parents started it almost 60 years ago, and helping people,

and it's grown into this.

And now, just to see the people come out,

even sometimes these difficult times,

it brings out the best in people.

You know, they put down all the divisiveness

that's going on in the society, and say,

hey, let's go help somebody.

Well from all of us at CBN News,

our prayers continue for the Lakewood Church

and the entire Houston area.

Well we appreciate you guys.

Thank you so much, pastor.

Again, about 300 people are currently

housed here at Lakewood Church.

Wendy, it's-- we do have a break in the clouds.

So that is definitely good news.

It's bringing hope to the people here and the hope of God,

as well.

Amen And right now, that's what people need so much.

Thanks so much, Eric.

And great that you were able to talk to Pastor Joel.



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