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News on The 700 Club: August 30, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 39: Joel Osteen sets the record straight, tells CBN he’s helping Houstonians; one man leaves the crude oil business for the “soul-saving” business, and more. Read Transcript

And welcome, everyone, to "The 700 Club."

The worst of the rainfall from Harvey

is finally over for the Houston area,

but the death toll in Texas is still rising.

It reached 30 by this morning.

Heather Sells has this look at Harvey's terrible impact

on America's fourth largest city.

HEATHER SELLS: The rain from Harvey,

over 50 inches in some spots, makes

it the heaviest tropical downpour

in the history of the continental United States.

And while the downpour in Houston has basically ended,

the floodwaters are still rising.

It's all the way up to the roofs, guys, up to the eaves.

I hate to think that there are people in these houses.

HEATHER SELLS: The official tally of rescues right

now is 13,000, but the actual number is likely much higher.

And still, more than 1,000 in Houston

are desperately waiting for help.

This woman was stranded in her car for two days.

All I can say is there are angels out here.

Don't give up on us.

Seek the higher ground.

We will get to you.

HEATHER SELLS: The city of Houston covers

about 10,000 square miles--

that's slightly bigger than New Jersey--

and makes rescue operations a daunting task.

Houston police officer Steve Perez

drowned in the floodwaters on his way to help others.

Once our dive team got there, it

was too treacherous to go under and look for him.

HEATHER SELLS: Torrential rains, 6 to 12 inches,

are still expected east of Houston into Louisiana.

Houston itself should receive less than 2 to 3 more inches,

but rising floodwaters are now the concern,

especially after two reservoir dams began to overflow Tuesday.

Officials are watching bridges, roads, and pipelines

in the path of the floodwaters.

And they're attending to more than 17,000 people

that have sought refuge in Texas shelters.

Houston opened two extra mega shelters Tuesday,

and has asked FEMA for food and cots for 10,000 more people.

The president visited Corpus Christi on Tuesday

near where Harvey made landfall last Friday.

He promised to provide billions of dollars

in long-term disaster aid and talked with state officials

about the magnitude of the disaster.

This is historic.

It's epic, what happened.

But you know what?

It happened in Texas, and Texas can handle anything.

The president plans to return to the region on Saturday

as it recovers from this historic natural disaster.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

Thank you, Heather.

And as Heather just mentioned, thousands of people

have gone to shelters in Houston.

CBN's Eric Rosales visited one of those shelters.

He found that evacuees are thankful to be alive,

but they're worried about their future.

ERIC ROSALES: I'm here at the George R. Brown Convention

Center in downtown Houston where some 9,000

people are seeking shelter.

No one will be turned away, according to the Red Cross,

but people here, many with only the clothes on their backs,

have lost everything-- their property, their home.

And many don't even know where their other family members are.

I've never had it like this.

I feel like a homeless man, nowhere to go.

But my faith, it won't change.

ERIC ROSALES: Minister Larry Daniel

recently moved to the area with his wife Rhonda.

On Sunday, as floodwaters rose, she rushed to a nearby hospital

where her friend had been taken.

While she was gone, Daniel was forced

to evacuate their Dickinson mobile home.

Now he has no idea where she is.

He says a friend tried to call her.

I haven't heard back from him.

She had my phone.

Course, having cell phones, you don't remember numbers anymore.


ERIC ROSALES: He says right now, he's

broken, but will continue to keep his faith.

When I need it, it shows, so God's providing.

It just happened so quick.

Within a few hours, it was, like, three feet in there.

So I just grabbed whatever I could.

ERIC ROSALES: Shawn Palmer says he's

thankful for a man who came by his flooded home in a kayak

and saved his life.

He saved me.

And what had put him out there was

just he wanted to help people.

If the Holy Spirit didn't move his heart,

I don't know what would have happened to me.

ERIC ROSALES: We heard story after story

of how God moved ordinary people to step in and save lives.

Others wanted to help, but rising floodwaters

prevented it.

This is what it looked like outside of Houston's Lakewood


PAUL OSTEEN: But everything around us

was flooded, all the highways, all the feeder roads.

It was just dangerous to try to, in any way, number one,

get volunteers here.

Other people just couldn't reach the church.

ERIC ROSALES: However, some media outlets

criticized Lakewood and Pastor Joel Osteen

for not immediately welcoming those forced from their homes

by Hurricane Harvey.

We told the city that now that George R. Brown is full,

let us help.

We'll do anything we can to help.

And you know what?

We're not here just for this stage.

We're here to help rebuild, and tear down, and rebuild,

and clean up.

And so we're here for the long haul.

But during that window where we were being sieged,

people don't realize we just couldn't move,

and it was dangerous to move.

And here at Lakewood Church, about 300 evacuees

are currently being housed.

And you can see behind me the amount

of support from Houstonians all over that

are bringing supplies here at Lakewood Church.

And we're joined with Pastor Osteen.

Pastor, thank you so much for joining us.

Hey, great to be with you.

Talk to us a little bit about the criticism.

Let's set the record straight.

Well, the church has always been open.

We received evacuees just early on.

Some of them wanted to go to a larger shelter that was set up.

But the notion that we were going to turn people away

is not true.

The first couple of days, the church

was inaccessible or not safe.

It looks like it's on this big hill, but right behind me--

this building has flooded before when

the Rockets had it to play basketball back in 2001.

So we had to be very cautious there.

But once we got it up and running,

the other shelter filled up, and now, we're

receiving people and just making a difference in our community.

You're here for the long haul.

You want to see Houston rebuilt.

That's exactly right.

A week or two, these people that are sheltered will be moved on,

but the next five years, we'll have

teams working in the community.

We're still helping people from Katrina.

And so that's what it's all about.

And I love too that, I get to talk a lot,

but this is getting to show the community what Lakewood is all


And so today, thousands of volunteers

will come out and bring all these supplies,

and we'll take them to the different shelters

here in town.

It's just amazing, the generosity and the support

that Lakewood has in this community.

It really is.

I've been blessed to be here.

My parents started it almost 60 years ago, helping people,

and it's grown into this.

And now, just to see the people come out.

Even sometimes, these difficult times, it

brings out the best in people.

They put down all the divisiveness that's going on

in the society and say, hey, let's go help somebody.

Well, from all of us at CBN News,

our prayers continue for Lakewood Church

and the entire Houston area.

Well, we appreciate you guys.

Thank you so much, Pastor.

Again, about 300 people are currently

housed here at Lakewood Church.

Wendy, we do have a break in the clouds,

so that is definitely good news.

It's bringing hope to the people here and the hope of God

as well.

Amen, and right now, that's what people need so much.

Thanks so much, Eric, and great that you were

able to talk to Pastor Joel.

Well, where is God in the midst of this national disaster?

CBN News is talking to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas

Senator Ted Cruz today on "Faith Nation"

to answer that question.

You can watch that on the CBN News Facebook page.

That's coming online at 12:30 Eastern time.


Well, CBN's Operation Blessing is

helping people who've been hit hard by Harvey

in several cities in Texas.

And OB's vice president Jody Gettys

says the team went into one community that had lost power

and needed basic supplies.

We had a truck come into Taft, Texas, today.

This is a community a little inland

that is still without power.

We're five days out.

The power's starting to come on.

But all these residents-- there are hundreds of cars lined up--

that still don't have potable water and electricity.

So Operation Blessing unloaded a semitruck full of food, water,

personal hygiene items, just the basics of life

to help make life a little bit easier here in Taft.

Thanks so much, Jody.

And so often, Operation Blessing is

one of the first on the scene when disaster strikes.

If you'd like to help with Operation Blessing's

ongoing efforts, you can designate your gift

to Operation Blessing International Disaster Relief


Just call the number that you see on your screen, toll free,

1-800-700- 0700.

Or you can log onto

Donations may also be mailed to Operation Blessing

International Disaster Relief Fund, CBN Center, Virginia

Beach, Virginia, 23463.

And we are so glad that OB is on the scene.

They're helping those Texans who need it so much.


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