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Penny Young Nance's Powerful Response to the Left's War on Women

Penny Young Nance's Powerful Response to the Left's War on Women Read Transcript


We are joined today by Penny Young Nance.

She is the President of Concerned Women of America

and the author of a newly-released book

in paperback Feisty and Feminine.

It's been out for about a year.


And your book talks about conservative Christian women,

what they're facing, and there's really

no shortage of issues to talk about right now.

That's right, that's right.

Wanted to ask you about the transgender issue.

There was the national statement released this week,

and there's so much confusion and debate in this country

right now over how to handle this issue.

And I'm wondering for your organization, yourself,

when it comes to bathrooms, how should we

be deciding this whole issue?

Well, first, as believers, we deal with any of these issues

through love and compassion and through humility.

But the truth is that we cannot be expected to participate

in someone else's delusion.

And I wrote a piece in

that talks about something called

gender appropriation, the fact that our femininity is

a gift from God.

And if we give it away, if it's stolen from us,

there's a price to be paid for that.

And I think we're seeing that.

We're seeing that with the erasure of women's spaces.

Our restrooms aren't just a place we go to do our business.

It's also a place where we go to nurse our children.

It's a place where we tend to our children.

It's place where we check on each other.

There's women's shelters.

There's women medical clinics.

There's many other-- for lack of a better word,

it's a liberal word-- safe spaces for women

that we give up if we say that there's

no difference between men and women.

There's no gender.

They show sports.

We're seeing all over this country, where women are losing

their spots on sports teams--

perhaps losing scholarships-- because men

can come in who are biologically and physiologically stronger

and are built to win.

It's so ironic because for years, of course,

liberals have been fighting for women's rights.

Title IX, right?

And now, it seems like they're going

to roll over the women's rights in favor of transgender rights.


So it really is a competition of rights.

What do you think, in terms of bathroom,

should we have public policies?

Or should we just-- in the past, it's worked out on its own.

Should we actually have laws saying who can go and who


Well, to be honest, you're right.

It worked out fine before it became a political issue.

I'm sure that we, for years, have shared bathrooms

with people we didn't even know.

But now, we're at a situation where the Obama Administration

made this a political issue.

And so men, who don't even have to bother

with surgery, who don't even have to bother to shave--

we have an activist called Alex Drummond who has a full beard

and wears women's clothes and says

he's pushing the envelope of what it means to be feminine.

And he believes he has every right to invade our restrooms.

Then the military, there were telling

women that they were going to have to share showers

and changing rooms with men who were, in every way

anatomically, still men and weren't

allowed to even question it.

And so there has to be a return to normalcy.

There has to be a return to common sense.

And I think, that's what we're working on.

And I think, that's what this administration is working hard

to do with the recent issue of transgender in the military.

The military's point is to protect America

and to be in readiness.

It is not about a social experimentation.

And so I think that we're going to have to do some work

to pull back some of the liberal, leftist agenda that

happened during the administration that

disadvantages women and disadvantages people of faith.

What do you think about for sports?

Do you think that girl athletes should

have to compete against boy athletes who

have decided that they want to become a girl?

No, absolutely not.

I mean this is something in Title IX

that women worked very hard for.

When I was a high school student,

there was definitely a disparity between women's sports

and men's sports.

And now, we've come a long way and that my daughter played

lacrosse, played soccer, played all these different sports.

Some of these women are getting to college

through these athletic programs.

You cannot-- overall, of course, I'm generalizing-- men,

it's just a fact of biology, are built to compete.

And these are not men who are taking the hormones necessarily

who have had the surgery--

because, by the way, they believe there's like 60

some genders now.

And some of it depends on how you feel for the day.

And so again, my point is, at what point

do you say your rights end where my nose begins?

And we have to protect women's safe spaces.

We have to protect women's ability to compete.

And there's a crackup even within feminism on this issue.

There is this thing called gender appropriation,

and it's a real issue.

Yeah, so it's really interesting to see women who,

in the past, have supported women's rights,

maybe not so strongly now-- very,

very interesting how everything's changing.

I wanted to ask you about the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It is this group that traditionally started

fighting for civil rights--

Right, doing great things.

--so across the country, uniformly praised.

They have shifted and really become an LGBT advocacy group.

That's right.

And now, they've started to label

Christian conservative groups as hate groups--


--including Concerned Women for America.


Including James Kennedy Ministries, which

recently said, hey, no more.

We're filing a federal lawsuit, a religious non-discrimination

saying you can't call us a hate group.

What do you think?

Where do you see this all going?

Are you interested in filing a lawsuit?

What do you think is going to happen?

Perhaps, and Alliance Defending Freedom also,

who, by the way, has won in the Supreme Court many cases.

What they have gone from-- unfortunately,

there's something called mission creep, right?

And you have organizations that did great work.

And they did important work in the civil rights movement.

But funding often changes the balance of an organization.

And they have become a leftist, rabid dog

going after people of faith who disagree

with them on the basic issue of marriage and sin--

and have gone so far as to work with people like charity

navigators to label at the top of their group-- briefly,

I think they took it down--

groups like Family Research Council and others

as hate groups, which directly impacts

fundraising, which is illegal.

And so they've overstepped so far that now I think

they are in legal hot water.

But the other issue is, you have people

that are large corporations that are giving to them

and have been very proud about their giving.

But what they're doing is they're

enabling leftist bullying against people of faith.

And so we have to lean back and say no, you need to stop.

And let's talk about--

they have plenty to talk about, right?

You have white supremacy that has shown its ugly head again.

And we all need to speak out against the neo-nazis

and the people that are truly hateful, racist organizations.

Those exist.

Why waste your time hurting people of faith

who actually just want to make a difference for Christ

and are still being true to the biblical world view,

the tenants of our scripture.

I'm sorry if you don't agree with us,

but there's nothing hateful about speaking truth and doing

it with rationally and doing it with respect.

And so this has become about them taking away

people's first amendment rights, shaming, bullying,

and they've gone too far.

So you support James Kennedy Ministry filing a lawsuit?

Absolutely, it needs to be done.

And I think there'll be more.

Yeah, also I wanted to ask you about the President's

Evangelical Advisory Board.

I know that you advise him on pro-life issues.


But this advisory board in particular,

has really come under pressure after Charlottesville.

People are saying, hey, in light of the President's remarks,

you all should abandon him basically.

Right, right.

So what is the answer for those

who are trying to minister to the President

and advise him on what the faith community thinks

about public policy?

Well, I would say just the opposite.

I think the President needs to hear

from his faith and advisory even more now than ever before.

This is a very difficult, polarized time in America.

This President and the First Lady

are constantly under fire for so many things.

And he really needs to hear from people of faith

to give him the right perspective,

to pray with him, to help guide him,

to help him to make wise decisions.

If nothing else is more important at this time

than ever before, so I would encourage my friends

that are on that council to stay where they are,

and to lean into the conversation,

to pray with this President, to give him wise counsel,

and to give him spiritual counsel.

Because this is a man who is on a journey,

like we all are, learning more.

This is a guy that no one thought, by the way,

was a Bible-banging evangelical.

This is a man who is a billionaire from Manhattan who

was new to our community of faith.

And we have an opportunity to pray with him,

to share the Gospel with him.

And from all accounts, he's learning and coming along.

And so I think, he needs them even more now than ever before.

Well, no shortage of things to talk about.

That's right.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you.

Thanks for your book, Feisty and Feminine, Penny Young


Thank you.


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