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WATCH: Gospel Artist Bryan Popin shares journey to success in full interview with Efrem Graham

WATCH: Gospel Artist Bryan Popin shares journey to success in full interview with Efrem Graham Read Transcript


(SINGING) I've been through the fire, but I got out.

NARRATOR: Bryan Popin's "I Got Out"

is the latest anthem of hope for churches across America.


(SINGING) No matter what you're going through.

While his music tops the charts today,

his talent has been wowing audiences since he was a child.

We dug through our archives to find

some of Bryan's earlier work.


It says that if you--

any instrument, if you preach the word--

any instrument can touch a person.

Even if you don't preach the word, you know.

Just an instrument can touch a person.

Where's the music coming from in your story?

My heart.

But, ultimately, there's been a lot

of frustration and confusion in my life, you know.

There's been twists and turns.

There's been expectations that I kind of expected.

And then you get a jab, you get a left hook.

You get an uppercut and you weren't expecting that in life.

So, when you go up against the ropes, one time,

you're like, ooh.

You know, you just get confused and frustrated.

And so, a lot of it's crying out to God.

And in that moment of frustration and confusion,

a song is usually birthed, at least for me.

Watching things about you online,

I saw a beautiful prophecy that TD Jakes delivered to you.


I know you been through a lot of storms and a lot of changes.

Before you minister to us, I just

want to tell you something.

This is a new season for you.


What were the frustrations happening prior to that?

Prior to that, I was in the process

of almost declaring bankruptcy.

I had the appointment set up.

My family situation was difficult

because I just didn't have my priorities in check.

And so, at that particular moment,

just so much was going on.

And God birthed this song, "I Can Make It,"

I'm starting to go around and--

you know, that was the first moment

of where I started to go around and start singing that song.

And proclaim that song with people.


(SINGING) Don't you know that I can make it.

All that was just starting.

Yet my world was still a bit of a mess.

And so I'd be singing it and even believing in my own--

you know, God, I can make it.

With you, I can come out of this.

And, you know, Bishop Jakes, I've always, always,

been encouraged by his messages.

I mean, I have hundreds of his teaching tapes on cassette.


And, you know, he's just always encouraged me and always been

a blessing to so many.

But that was the actual service that Tyler Perry gave a million

dollars to their youth center.

And it just caused a big praise outbreak.

You've got a song that's topping Billboard charts right


It's crazy, man.


(SINGING) I've been through the fire, but I got out.

It's a blessing.

It is beautiful.

Number one.

I can't--

Number one.

I never thought I'd be saying number one.

I've been number 88 and number 2,012.

But, you know, number one?

It's God's favor, man.

I heard your music before I saw you, years ago.


And then, when I go to look and see

who this Bryan Popin guy is--

You got confused, you guys.



I didn't expect he'd be white.

That's the first time--

the first time I'm ever hearing that.

I mean, I never get that, ever.

I'm sure you get this.

So, where did this soul come from?

Because, even watching you in church, I mean,

I feel like my grandmother could have birthed you.

Isn't that funny?


Well, first of all, I didn't pick this color.

You know, I just somehow, like, poof, was here.

God wants you that way.

I was here.

And I was like, what is this?



It's the Holy Ghost, man, that's what it is.


I think you, maybe, are a product of your environment.

If you weren't brought up in church,

maybe you might not know what church is.

And I've been brought up in church my whole life.

I've been in diverse churches.

I've been in African- American churches

where I'm, like, the only white boy.

And, you know, I just adapt and I connect.

Because my heart is in it.

I'm not trying to play something or be something.

This is who I am.

When I realized what I love, man, I've always

admired soulful music, church music.

I've lived it.

I've breathed it.

It's just me.


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