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Draining the VA Swamp: These Are the Victories for Vets Under Trump

Draining the VA Swamp: These Are the Victories for Vets Under Trump Read Transcript


The president seems to be obsessed with Russia.

This president has a very different grasp of reality.

He's saying things that do not exist.

DAVID BRODY: On television and the web

these days, news coverage of the Trump White House

clearly focuses on the negative.

He has given oxygen to racists.

DAVID BRODY: There's also palace intrigue--

This morning, there are shakeups to the external Trump

legal team.

DAVID BRODY: --and what's not getting done.

The promise to repeal and replace Obamacare falling flat.

But hold on a minute.

When it comes to fighting for America's veterans,

it's an entirely different story thanks

to VA secretary David Shulkin who

served under President Obama, and now is

serving under President Trump.

I think with this president, he treats this as a business,

and says, listen, here are the objectives.

We have to do better.

I don't have much patience.

I want to see it get done.

Go out and do the job.

DAVID BRODY: And that he has.

While priorities, like tax reform and health care

remain on the presidential to do list,

the VA is marching forward.

The president's signing of new laws

means good news for the more than 20 million veterans.

That includes streamlining appeals

so veterans get their disability benefits faster.

It's been a major problem.

We all recognize it's just taken too long

to get veterans to decisions.

If somebody is disabled because of their service,

they deserve to get the benefits that we

want to give them right away.

And so we're working to decrease that time.

A couple of years ago, we had 611,000 veterans

waiting for a decision, more than 125 days.

Today, that's about 86,000.

So we've made progress, but not enough.

DAVID BRODY: Thanks to the forever GI bill,

veterans can freely pursue educational opportunities

with no timing restrictions.

So instead of having a 15-year limit, now it's forever.

We think that veterans should be able to expand their knowledge

and get education at any point in their lives,

and to make them better, and better employees, and better


And that's something we're really proud of.

DAVID BRODY: Another sore spot has

been the long waits veterans face before seeing a doctor.

Every veteran will get timely access

to top quality medical care every veteran.

DAVID BRODY: A new law will now allow

the VA to open nearly 30 new clinics,

and also continue to fund and improve the Popular Choice

Program, where veterans can see a private doctor

on the government's dime.

What this is going to result in,

is the ability of veterans to be able to have

even greater access, greater choice in their health care


And we think that not only improves access to care,

but it improves the quality to care.

DAVID BRODY: Shulkin will also be

able to drain the VA of employees,

whose poor performance and mismanagement

led to poor treatment for vets.

A new law makes it easier to remove those workers

and encourage others to blow the whistle on malpractice.

The president made clear in his own unique way

how he's counting on shock and clean up the mess.

But I have no doubt it will be properly implemented,

right, David?


Better be, David.

We'll never have to use those words.

We'll never have to use those words on our David.

DAVID BRODY: He also brings the credentials to the job.

The Yale-educated doctor has been

named one of the 50 most influential physician

executives in the country.

But watch this, Mr. President.

We need to bring in a specialist.

DAVID BRODY: One of his most impressive accomplishments

came in one of the most divided times in our country.

He's the only Trump cabinet member

receiving unanimous confirmation in the Senate.

I think he actually passed 100 to nothing.

When I heard that vote, I said where did that come from?

DAVID BRODY: It's the one area Democrats have lined up

alongside President Trump.

And in Secretary Shulkin, both parties

believe they have the right man.

And that made a recent decision stand out even more.

You were the designated survivor at the State of the Union

address the President did in February.

You were like Kiefer Sutherland.

What what was that like?

I wasn't able to talk to my kids and family

about that until actually the time of the State of the Union


People should feel confident and feel proud of the redundancy

that we have in this government, the commitment

that we have to keeping this government going no matter

what would happen, even in an ultimate catastrophe.

And to be able to watch that and see that up front,

and to have a little part in that,

I walked away feeling very proud to be an American.

DAVID BRODY: And President Trump can point to Shulkin

as a man he's pretty proud of considering all

that's getting done at the VA.

So help me, God.

So help me, God

DAVID BRODY: David we, CBN News, Washington.

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