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'The Life Blood of This Community Right Now': Operation Blessing Delivers Truckloads of Food, and Faith

'The Life Blood of This Community Right Now': Operation Blessing Delivers Truckloads of Food, and Faith Read Transcript

CBN's Operation Blessing has been

on the ground helping Texans since before Harvey even

made landfall.

Our Erik Rosales shows us how this help

is giving the victims hope.

Spreading the love of Jesus through food and other

nonperishable items along with clothes and shoes--

that's what Operation Blessing is all about.

Scenes like this that are happening

all over the state of Texas.

And I've searched and searched and searched

trying to find food for days.

This is the first time I've found any kind of food,

and I'm so grateful for it.

Thank y'all so very, very much for everything you've done.

ERIK ROSALES: Mary Fisher decided

to ride out the storm in her La Marque mobile home

with her three grandchildren.

The coastal Texas property flooded by Saturday night.

Fisher says without the generosity

of Operation Blessing, they'd have nothing to eat.

There are no resources down here.

That 18-wheeler and the food and clothes that other people have

brought in--

it's the lifeblood of this community right now.

No, I can't tell you how much some of these people

have been affected.

There were families that were just weeping the whole time.

And it's just such a joy to know that people reach out and help.

ERIK ROSALES: Working with local churches,

Operation Blessing continues to deliver truckloads of food

along with hope for Harvey's victims.

And this truly is Christian compassion in action.

You hear about it a lot.

You don't see it all that often.

You can see it in spades right here today.

ERIK ROSALES: Amen to that.

Operation Blessing is set up in some of the hardest areas hit,

like Rockport, where entire neighborhoods are gone,

to Taft, where hundreds lined up in search of clean drinking


It's caused a lot of heartache in people's lives.

It's caused a lot of children to be stressed out.

And so we've got folks coming in here and getting supplies,

and we're praying with them, and we're sharing the love of Jesus

with them, and encouraging them, and inviting them

to a personal relationship with the Lord.

And because of Operation Blessings,

we're just bigger now, in everything-- in love, in faith,

in everything.

I don't think there's anything else I can say, other than just

to thank you.

And that still doesn't feel like enough.

One by one, families went home with food

and a better understanding of Jesus's love

and what it means to serve.

In La Marque, Texas, Erik Rosales, CBN News.


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