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Operation Blessing's Jody Gettys Reports on Harvey Relief Efforts

Operation Blessing's Jody Gettys Reports on Harvey Relief Efforts Read Transcript

With us now from Texas is Operation Blessing's vice

president Jody Gettys.

Jody, what are you guys doing right now.

Where are you?

I'm in La Marque, Texas this morning,

where we held a point of distribution yesterday.

We have volunteers while I'm speaking right now rallying

in hardest-hit Rockport, Texas.

And Bill and David are en route to East Texas

in Beaumont, where this disaster is still unfolding.

And I've been working with pastors over in that area

to get a semi truck load of food and water in there,

and some money to them to just help them rescue their people.

Jody, how extensive is the help that Operation Blessing is


JODY GETTYS: It's incredible.

Because of the faithfulness of our donors,

we're able to pre-stage before disaster even strikes.

And so our team, we had an advance team here, Pat.

And then we also had our equipment just pre-stage

right outside of harm's way, so we could roll in here

when it was safe to do so.

So right now, we have hundreds of volunteers.

But this weekend, we're looking to hopefully

have close to 1,000 volunteers.

We're working over in East Texas,

where pastors are literally opening their sanctuary

doors for people who are being evacuated right now from Port


And then we're up in the Houston area

as well, working with those pastors.

Jody, compare this to Katrina.

You were there with Katrina.

So was I. I haven't been down in Houston on this one.

But how is the difference between this relief effort

and the one that was going on in Katrina?

Well yeah, Pat, this is definitely

comparable to Katrina.

This is a very complicated storm, just because of the way

it came in, made landfall.

That was one disaster.

Now we had a huge flooding in Houston,

and now a third disaster in Beaumont.

So it is definitely comparable to Katrina.

And then the response definitely reminds me of that.

I mean, Operation Blessing, it is intense for us

on the ground, Pat.

I mean, we can't stay off of our phones.

We're in the field while we're doing coordination.

We're on the phone with pastors, emergency management.

Operation here Blessing's here, and we

are loving on these people, and just

sharing the love of Christ, giving them practical resources

as well as just praying with them and encouraging them.

So Jody, how long do you think Operation Blessing's going

to be on-site in the Houston area?

JODY GETTYS: Well, we're going to be here as long as we

have the human resources and the financial resources to do so,


I'm not sure how long it'll be.

I know we're committed to Texas.

We're also going to be in East Texas.

So Operation Blessing's committed.

Time will tell how long we'll get to stay here.

But what I do know are people are still in shock.

They're broken.

They're devastated.

They need us at Operation Blessing

to come alongside of them and help them.

Jody, one last question.

What is the biggest thing they need?

You're here with stuff.

What is the most important thing you are giving to them?

Thank you, Pat.

The most important thing is hope.

While we're given out food, and water, and doing volunteers,

when I see the shock in their eyes and I see them so broken--

one lady I talked to yesterday, she says,

I went to my house to see what I could salvage, and it was gone.

It disappeared.

Her horses were dead.

Her cows were dead.

Her one horse had a broken leg.

I mean, just sitting there crying in shock.

And so I got to pray with her and love on her.

Operation Blessing's greatest mission

is to resurrect hope in the residents' lives.

That's the greatest thing we can do.

This food's important, and all these volunteers are important.

But the hope and the love of Jesus is the most important.


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