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Lara Trump on Media Bias, 'Real News,' and the President Trump She Knows 

Lara Trump on Media Bias, 'Real News,' and the President Trump She Knows  Read Transcript

So much talk of fake news, Lara Trump,

daughter-in-law of the president,

is cutting through the noise of the mainstream media with her

own online show.

It's called "Real News," produced right here

in Trump Tower.

I sat down with her to talk about it

and what it's like to be a Trump.

Somebody painted this, somebody painted that.

All of our different-- we have like a crocheted flag

that somebody made for us.

JENNA BROWDER: One-on-one with Lara Trump.

LARA TRUMP: All of these items in all of our offices

are things that people who support the president

were so excited during the campaign

that they made them and sent them in.

And they're so special to us.

JENNA BROWDER: This is the Trump Tower

office where she and her team prepare their segments.

Let's talk about "Real News."

How did this idea come about?

Well, I have a background in television news.

I worked at "Inside Edition" for five years

before I took time off to be part

of my father-in-law's campaign.

And now that I'm working with the campaign on a daily basis,

we were putting out a newsletter every week

just to inform people, here's what the president did

this week, because as you may notice if you watch mainstream

media, you get a very different picture of how

the president's week went.

And the reality is, there has been so much accomplished

by his administration thus far that we felt like every week

we want to make sure that everybody understands what

great things have happened.

Critics call it Trump propaganda.

What do you say to them?

Well, I think that's ridiculous.

The reality is, these are concrete things that

are being accomplished every week by my father-in-law's


And the reality is, if we had a fair shake

within the regular news cycle, we wouldn't feel the need

to post this sort of thing.

JENNA BROWDER: In our candid conversation,

Lara opens up on a number of topics.

If you had to use one word to describe the mainstream media,

what would it be?


It's really sad, because I worked in television news

for a long time.

And I got such a different view of things.

JENNA BROWDER: When it comes to the recent violence

in Charlottesville, there are a lot

of people who are upset with your father-in-law.

And they're labeling him as a racist, a bigot.

Is that fair?


Absolutely not.

I think the reality is--

I said it before--

the media spins a lot.

They can take a completely innocent statement

and change it around significantly.

My father-in-law has been very clear

that there is no room in this country for racism,

for bigotry, for hatred like we saw in Charlottesville.

JENNA BROWDER: She tells me it's been

a major adjustment in more ways than one

since Trump took office.

Have you lost any friends over your father-in-law's politics?

I think we've all--

I don't want to say we've lost friends,

but we've definitely distanced ourselves

or been distanced by friends.

And I think it's the nature of the beast.

When you get involved in politics,

half the people love you and half the people hate you.

I'm curious.

Has faith played any role in how you

deal with some of the toughness of the day-to-day?

LARA TRUMP: Absolutely.

I pray every night.

I always have.

And I prayed throughout this campaign

for the safety of everyone in our family because, listen,

there were some scary times for sure.

I pray for the president every night,

that he leads this country in the right direction.

And I've said it so many times actually on the campaign trail.

I heard every single day from people, we're praying for you.

We're praying for your father-in-law.

We're praying for your family.

And I have to tell you, I think that God had

a huge role in this election.

And I again felt the whole time like I

was fighting on the right side of the fight

and that ultimately the right thing would happen.

Although no one said he could win,

I truly felt like the power of prayer

was very real in this election.

And I think it really did make a huge impact.

JENNA BROWDER: And she says her father-in-law shares

that same faith.

If there's one story that the mainstream media is missing

when it comes to President Trump,

what do you think that is?

I just think his compassion gets lost a lot of times.

He's a very direct guy.

He's a very straightforward guy.

He says exactly what he's thinking.

He doesn't sugarcoat things.

But he cares so much about this country,

about the people of this country.

He's a family man.

He truly is.

He's a man of God.

His faith, I know, has always been important to him.

JENNA BROWDER: Lara, who is married to Eric Trump,

is expecting her first child later this month.

She tells me, with the family now split

between New York and Washington, family gatherings

take on a special meaning.

LARA TRUMP: I think when we're together,

we don't even think about all the outside stuff.

It's really such an important time for us to, as a family,

just talk about the things that families

talk about every single day.

And maybe we'll plan a trip together soon

and those sorts of things.

And it's nice that we're all still able to be on that level.

And it's very normal, very normal.

I think people would be surprised to hear that, though.

And they've already created a lot of memories

here at the White House.

Lara told me the story about how she and Eric broke

the news of her pregnancy to their family.

It was here on inauguration day with the entire first family

sitting around the formal dining room table.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.


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