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'It Literally Felt Like There Was a Force Field Around Us': The Power of Prayer During Harvey

'It Literally Felt Like There Was a Force Field Around Us': The Power of Prayer During Harvey Read Transcript


Hurricane Harvey ripped through parts of Texas,

destroying homes, flooding entire cities,

and taking lives.

But one of the most amazing stories from this tragedy

is the number of people who are reaching out and helping

their neighbors.

You guys just jumping in to help out?

MAN: Yes, sir.



WOMAN: Be careful!

WOMAN: Hold my hand.

I mean, we just got to go out and lend a hand.

I just can't sit at home knowing that people need help.

TALIA WISE: These ordinary heroes are making a difference.


It keeps us all in awe down here is you know,

there's no color war.

There's no race war.

There's no religion war.

All you see is people reaching out and going you know--

going to their neighbor, neighbor helping neighbor,

and the states helping Texas.

It's just literally overwhelming.

You can really see God's hand in all of it.

TALIA WISE: Michelle thanks God she and her family are alive.

And she says it's all because of the power of prayer.


I really can't tell you.

It was pounding around us.

But it felt--

I felt-- I had just the most overwhelming peace.

TALIA WISE: Marquise Taylor and Victoria White

say God specifically told them to go to the shelters.

Here's what happened.


And CBN's Operation Blessing is on the ground,

working in communities across southern Texas,

including the community of Taft.

All these residents-- there are hundreds of cars lined up

that still don't have potable water and electricity.

So Operation Blessing unloaded a semi truck full of food, water,

personal hygiene items, just the basics of life,

to help make life a little bit easier here in Taft.

There's no denying.

It says a lot about our country when people come together

in a time of need.

They can unite despite politics, race, or economic background.

So don't stop praying and don't stop giving.

Organizations like Operation Blessing

need your help to deliver aid to the people of Texas.

You can do that by going to

Well, that's CBN Good News.

Until next time, spread a little bit of good news.

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