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Returning Residents Left Speechless by Harvey's Havoc as Faith-Based Aid Groups Step Into the Gap

Returning Residents Left Speechless by Harvey's Havoc as Faith-Based Aid Groups Step Into the Gap Read Transcript

CHARLENE AARON: Many Texans are now

looking to see what they can salvage after Harvey's

rains have passed.

I'm speechless.

I mean, it's just devastating.

CHARLENE AARON: In some places, more flooding,

as first responders launched a block

by block, door to door search of badly flooded areas,

pounding on doors and shouting as they looked

for survivors who might have been left behind

in Harvey's floodwaters.

The Coast Guard hammering through a roof

to free a family from their attic.

A hard road is ahead for many in cities hit hard by Harvey.

Not only Houston, but others like Rockport, Beaumont,

and Port Arthur.

The loss of power at a flood crippled chemical plant

set off explosions and a fire.

And The city of Beaumont, near the Texas-Louisiana line,

lost its public water supply.

More than 30,000 have been displaced,

and officials are scrambling to find long-term solutions

in a place where none seem to exist.

Many have begun the process of cleaning up after the storm.

Vice President Mike Pence lending a helping hand

in Rockport, where Hurricane Harvey first hit.

The White House says some 100,000 homes were damaged

by Harvey, and the Trump administration

is set to ask Congress for an initial round of emergency

funding to help with relief efforts.

In an exclusive interview with CBN News,

the president said faith-based organizations

have played a large role in helping

those affected by Harvey.

"Faith-based organizations have been incredible,"

President Trump told CBN News.

"So I can just say I want to thank them very much."

CBN's Operation Blessing has been on the ground in Texas

and rode along with the Cajun Navy

for the boat rescue of a two-year-old and his family,

who had been trapped in their home by floodwaters.

We've been trying to get to him for three days.

CHARLENE AARON: OB workers had to drive through high waters

to get to Beaumont in East Texas, where

OB volunteers worked in a local church turned distribution


There's a need for food, drinks, personal hygiene items.

So Operation Blessing's semi-truck arrived.

And even as I speak, there's hundreds

of cars that are coming around, picking up these donations.

And so Operation Blessing will be

here in the surrounding communities

in the central Texas area, as well as

in Rockport, coming alongside the local church and emergency

officials, providing life-sustaining and life-saving

resources to these areas.

CHARLENE AARON: Texas Governor Greg Abbott

has declared Sunday as a day of prayer for the state.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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