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Husband’s Prayer Saves Dying Wife

A dangerous delivery and rapid blood loss threatens a new mother's life, and her husband is only left with a prayer. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: July 6, 2016 was an exciting day

for Jackie and Gabriel Wilford.

That afternoon, Jackie went into labor with their first child.

Prayed my whole life, you know.

I want a son, I want someone that I can raise up

to be a servant for you, God.

NARRATOR: Jackie had been in labor 20 hours

when they learned the baby developed an infection.

With mother and child in danger, her doctor

ordered an emergency c-section.

GABRIEL: I don't think it's set in,

the reality of a c-section and the complications.

They could both die if they don't do this procedure.

So when it really hit me is when I actually

saw her on the table.

That's when actually, I'm like, OK, this is something real,

this is a serious thing.

NARRATOR: They started the surgery,

but the pain blockers hadn't taken effect.

JACKIE: It was the most painful thing I've ever went through.

And so I did, I felt like I was dying.

It was horrible.

I can feel every single thing.

I could feel the doctors hands press on my stomach and then--

it was just really painful.

NARRATOR: The doctor delivered a healthy baby boy,

but by then Jackie had gone into shock.

I kept uncontrollably shaking and I

had to keep my hands to my body, because I felt like my body was

just shutting down.

I couldn't speak at one point.

I knew it was serious, but I didn't

want to let my mind start to think about it.

And then if I'm panicking, well then

there's no way that I can be there for my kid or my wife.

NARRATOR: Gabriel texted family in the waiting area

to pray for Jackie.

I remember the doctor saying, OK, well, we're

going to put you to sleep right now.

And then at that time, I was like praying Lord,

please, please, please, please help me, help my son.

Make sure we come out healthy.

NARRATOR: The doctors stabilized Jackie and moved her

to a recovery room.

Gabriel thought the danger was passed.

It was, it was a sigh of relief.

I was like, OK, Jackie is in the recovery room.

She's holding the baby.

She's a little woozy, but that's OK.

It all went south when the doctor walked over to her

and he pulled up the blankets that were on her.

There was so much blood that just came out it, just

came pouring out.

I was really scared.

I was scared of what I saw.

I saw in his eyes a little bit of fear, and I did,

I became fearful.

NARRATOR: Jackie passed out and the doctor called a code blue.

Gabriel and baby Dawson were rushed from the room

as the code blue team went to work.

I just wanted somebody to come and grab me and tell me

it's going to be OK.

I was preparing myself for the worst.

I did not want to be a single dad.

Jackie is so fun and she's my best friend,

so it'd be like losing a part of me and things like that.

NARRATOR: Alone in the hall, Gabriel cried out to God.

GABRIEL: I opened my heart to him

and I told him, if he could save Jackie, if he

could hear this prayer of mine.

He spoke to me right away.

NARRATOR: Gabriel says God assured him

that he was in control and that Jackie would be fine.

I cried out to him and he was right there.

Before I even cried out to him, he was right there,

I just didn't see it.

You know, God had taken my burden, taking those woes.

And no matter what happened, I knew hey, it's going to be OK.

You don't have to worry about anything at all.

NARRATOR: A few minutes later, they

told Gabriel his wife had pulled through and was resting.

He recalls the relief as he walked into her room.

GABRIEL: I just started joking around with her.

I was like, you know almost died on me?

I remember thinking, I was thinking

we could joke so much since she's my best friend.

NARRATOR: Over the next couple of days,

Gabriel opened up in a Facebook post

about his love for Jackie and the miraculous answer

to prayer.

GABRIEL: I couldn't let her know how scared I was.

I wanted to say I love you and tell her everything is

going to be OK.

I watched helplessly as they tried to save my wife.

I wanted to cry out to God and ask him why.

God spoke to me.

Gabriel, my son, I love you more than you can imagine.

It's OK to call on me.

I will always love you.

NARRATOR: Dawson was given a round of antibiotics

to clear up his infection.

A few days later, he and Jackie were

released from the hospital.

Both Jackie and Gabriel believe that prayer

saved her life that day.

JACKIE: I really believe that God heard our prayers.

That maybe it was time for me to go, maybe my time here on earth

was done, there was no more for me.

And God heard someone's voice saying that I have a purpose,

I have a reason to be here.

God answered prayers because--

I do, I really thought I was dying.

A lot of people, I don't think they

understand the power of prayer.

It's your one connection to God, that he actually

hears your voice.

The maker of the world can actually hear you.

JACKIE: Prayer is power, no matter

in what circumstance, no matter how

amazing your circumstances are.

It is powerful, it is the most powerful tool we have.

And when we finally recognize how powerful it is,

we can move mountains.

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