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News on The 700 Club: September 1, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," Sept. 1: Returning residents left speechless by Harvey’s havoc as faith-based aid groups step into the gap; Israel's birth remembered on Zionist Congress anniversary, and more. Read Transcript

Hello everyone.

Welcome to "The 700 Club."

Houston and other cities in Texas

are beginning the long process of recovery

after the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey.

And rescue teams are still looking for survivors

as many people are starting to rebuild their lives.

Charlene Aaron has the story.


are now looking to see what they can salvage after Harvey's

rains have passed.

I'm speechless.

I mean it's just devastating.


more flooding as first responders launched a block

by block, door to door search of badly flooded areas.

Pounding on doors and shouting as they

looked for survivors who might have been left behind

in Harvey's floodwaters.

The Coast Guard hammering through a roof to free family

from their attic.

A hard road is ahead for many in cities hit hard by Harvey.

Not only Houston, but others like Rockport, Beaumont,

and Port Arthur.

The loss of power at a flood crippled chemical plant

set off explosions and a fire.

In the city of Beaumont, near the Texas Louisiana line,

lost its public water supply.

More than 30,000 have been displaced

and officials are scrambling to find long term

solutions in a place where none seemed to exist.

Many have begun the process of cleaning up after the storm.

Vice President, Mike Pence, lending a helping hand

in Rockport where Hurricane Harvey first hit.

The White House says some 100,000 homes were damaged

by Harvey and the Trump Administration

is set to ask Congress for an initial round of emergency

funding to help with relief efforts.

In an exclusive interview with "CBN News,"

the President said faith based organizations

have played a large role in helping

those affected by Harvey.

Faith based organizations have been incredible,

President Trump told "CBN News."

so I can just say, I want to thank them very much.

CBN's Operation Blessing has been on the ground in Texas

and rode along with the Cajun Navy

for the boat rescue of a two-year-old and his family

who had been trapped in their home by floodwaters.

We've been trying to get to him for three days.

OB workers had to drive through high waters

to get to Beaumont in East Texas, where

OB volunteers worked in a local church turned distribution


There's a need for food, drinks, personal hygiene items,

so Operation Blessing's semi-truck arrived.

And even as I speak, there's hundreds

of cars that are coming around, picking up these donations.

And so Operation Blessing will be here

in the surrounding communities and in the central Texas area,

as well as in Rockport.

Coming alongside the local church and emergency officials,

providing life sustaining and lifesaving resources

to these areas.

CHARLENE AARON (VOICEOVER): Texas Governor, Greg Abbott,

has declared Sunday as a day of prayer for the state.

Charlene Aaron, "CBN News."

It is heartbreaking to watch these people

and to hear their angst as they just

try to survive through this.

Many of them still trying to find a place to stay.

And it will be long term for lots of people.

So there's still so much to be done there.

You know, one of the wonderful things about Operation Blessing

is, when they heard this storm was coming,

they were able to strategically position themselves.

And all that they're able to bring into the mess of all

of this, to help people.

And so we just want to say thank you.

So many of you have responded.

But it's going to go on for a long time.

We have a lot of people who have volunteered their time, who are

capable and able to do that.

Who have shown up.

But we are still going to need more and more

of the kind of supplies that you just

saw being given to those cars that are just

coming by in the hundreds.

So would you be a part of that?

Would you stand with us and help us provide for these people who

have lost everything?

You can do that by giving a gift to Operation Blessing Disaster

Relief Fund.

And it's at our address here, if you want to send it snail mail.

That's CBN Center Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23463.

Or you can simply go to and give that way.

If you prefer to talk to someone on the phone and give your gift

it's, 1-800-700-7000.

Everything you give will be given

to helping the people in that area that's been so hard hit

by Hurricane Harvey.

Well, despite the heavy floodwaters,

many people in Texas are making their way back to their homes.

To the mess that's left behind.

And John Jessup has that story.


That's right, Terry and one of the more

important and impressive things we've seen from Harvey

is people helping people.

Our Erik Rosales takes us to one community

to show how Texans have come together, even after suffering

their own personal losses.

The sun may be out and the rain has stopped.

But the cleanup effort is just beginning.

We are in League City, Texas.

And you can see how high the water

got on a lot of these homes.

Nearly to the roof line, if not more.

CLIFFTON LACABYKBE: The dining room right here

and we have to take all the wood floor up in here.

ERIK ROSALES: Four feet of water came flowing into the home

at the Lacabykbe's.

But they still say God is good as their family all

made it through.

It is, it's hard.

But we have all our family members came over and helped.

So we fine.

We're fine.

God protected us.

He's blessed us and here we are to talk about it.

51 and 1/2 years of marriage.

So we're blessed.

This is one of the things that we're seeing.

Family after family are just trying

to go through their items.

One of the items that they are trying to salvage are pictures.

All of the neighborhood right here has just rallied together

and we're happy.

ERIK ROSALES: Mandy Courier couldn't

be more proud of her husband.

He used his fishing boat to save lives,

including Danielle Simpson.

DANIELLE SIMPSON: You see these stories

of people getting caught up in the waters and dying.

And we're alive and we're here.

And that, that's God.

ERIK ROSALES: My photographer, Mario Gonzales,

and I nearly got caught in those waters

as we tried to make it into flooded Beaumont.

Oh, Lord, please help us.

Get us through this.

Get us through this, Lord.

Please, please, please, please, please.

The roads in and out of the city look like this.

Water flowed near the hood of our SUV

but we eventually made it across.

We decided to continue our fight another day

and give it 24 hours for the floodwaters to recede.

We want to thank the good folks over

at First Baptist Church in Hamsire, Texas,

for putting us up for the night and feeding us.

BOB THEWMAN: All these people do is give back.

A lot of these people who have lost their homes.

Their houses are under water.

ERIK ROSALES: You said 90% of them,

that are working in the kitchen right now.

BOB THEWMAN: 90% of the people in the kitchen.

Definitely serve a a loving God and a giving God.

And this community here is an awesome community.

You know, people talk about, oh I'm going to move from here.

I don't care where you go, you're not going to find.

JODY THEWMAN: This community has pulled together so much.

That everybody helps one another.

We are really-- we were on an island.

Nobody could get in and nobody could get out.

And God provided so much food, so much water.

It was truly amazing.

ERIK ROSALES: Jeff Burdock sells insurance in the area.

He says with Hamshire only 18 miles from the Gulf,

most homeowners have wind damage insurance but less than 20%

carry flood insurance.

But together, this Texas community

says they will do like Jesus and serve one another.

The lights may be out here in the sanctuary.

But the spirit of Jesus is shining bright.

From Hamshire, Texas, Erik Rosales, "CBN News."

Great to see those powerful stories of survival.

Thanks Erik.

Well, turning overseas, next year

will mark the 70th anniversary of the birth

of the nation of Israel.

But what few know, is a key event in Switzerland

more than 100 years ago was instrumental in the creation

of the Jewish state.

John Waage brings us that story.

JOHN WAAGE (VOICEOVER): In 1897, Jewish leaders

from around the world gathered in Basel, Switzerland

to discuss the idea of a Jewish state.

MICHAEL WIDLANSKI: They were trying to combine the practical

with the ideal.

The ideal was to establish a Jewish state.

But there were already practical steps on the ground.

JOHN WAAGE (VOICEOVER): Historian, Michael Widlanski,

says Jewish pioneers were already here trying

to farm the barren land.

MICHAEL WIDLANSKI: Theodore Herzl said, we need a state.

And he predicted that in 50 years from 1897,

there would be a Jewish state.

And sure enough, there was.

Herzl died in 1904 and didn't live

to see his dream fulfilled.

But in 1949, the father of modern Zionism

was reburied here.

In this Jerusalem cemetery that was named for him.

His grave lies next to some of Israel's greatest

military leaders and statesmen.

Herzl, a Viennese journalist, initially

believed the Jewish people should

assimilate into the Christian world to be accepted.

That changed after he witnessed rampant anti-Semitism

in France.

Herzl then wrote about the idea of a Jewish state.

On August 29, 1897, he opened the first Zionist Congress.

Declaring they were laying the foundation stone

of the house that would shelter the Jewish people.

MICHAEL WIDLANSKI: The Congress wanted

to set up an idea, a program.

They called it the Basel Program.

It was a very starry eyed program.

But with its feet on the ground.

JOHN WAAGE (VOICEOVER): According to Widlanski,

the initial goal was the organization

of various Jewish groups worldwide.

MICHAEL WIDLANSKI: They wanted to get them together

on the same page.

Organize financing, organize transport,

continuing organization for bringing people

from many, many countries, different languages,

into this faraway country that was mostly desert.

And again they succeeded.

JOHN WAAGE (VOICEOVER): He said the name

Zion pointed to the importance God himself put on this place.


Comes from the Hebrew term, tsiyyon.

Tsiyyon literally means, the place that God made his mark.

He signified it.

God says, and I will take you to the place

that I will designate.

That I will have marked, which I will have chosen.

That is a Zion.

That is God's place on Earth, where

he chooses to be recognized.

Of course, He's everywhere.

But He wants you to know that He's

got his feet, as it were, on the ground,

in Jerusalem, on the temple mount.

JOHN WAAGE (VOICEOVER): And in just 50 years,

despite Russian persecution, two world wars, and the Holocaust,

Israel was reborn.

John Waage, "CBN News," Jerusalem.

A fascinating history.

Thanks, John.

Terry, we'll send it back to you.

It is a fascinating history.

And we'd love for you to be able to know more about it.

You know, you can watch one story like that.

But to own it, we'd like you to be

able to actually have that information

and enjoy watching it yourself.

You can own a copy of CBN's exclusive documentary.

It's called "The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel."

It's yours for a gift of $9.99.

This incredible docu-drama will take you

on an inspiring journey through that 50 years

that John talked about.

That preceded the founding of the modern state of Israel,

including the first Zionist Congress.

If you'd like to have a copy of this, all you have to do

is call right now to order your DVD.


It'll be available while supplies last.

And you call our toll free number, that's 1-800-700-7000.

Or you can log on to and get

a hold of your copy that way.

"The Hope: The Rebirth of Israel,"

quite a miraculous story.



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