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'Our Whole Community Banded Together': Light of Jesus Shining Bright in This Harvey-Ravaged Town

'Our Whole Community Banded Together': Light of Jesus Shining Bright in This Harvey-Ravaged Town Read Transcript

This sun may be out in the rain has stopped

but the cleanup effort is just beginning.

We are in League City, Texas.

And you can see how high the water

got on a lot of these homes, nearly to the roof line,

if not more.

CLIFFTON LACABE: The dining room right here,

and we have to take all the wood floor up in here.

ERIK ROSALES: Four feet of water came

flowing into the home of the Lacabe's but they still

say God is good, as their family all made it through.

It is, it's hard but we have all our family

members came over and helped.

So we fine.

We're fine.

God protected us.

He's blessed us and here we are to talk about it.

51 and 1/2 years of marriage.

So we're blessed.

This is one of the things that we're

seeing, family after family are just trying

to go through their items.

One of the items that they are trying to salvage are pictures.

All of the neighborhood right here has just rallied together

and we're happy.

ERIK ROSALES: Mandy Courier couldn't

be more proud of her husband.

He used his fishing boat to save lives,

including Danielle Simpson.

DANIELLE SIMPSON: You see these stories

of people getting caught up in the waters and dying.

And and we're alive and we're here.

And that, that's God.

ERIK ROSALES: My photographer, Mario Gonzales,

and I nearly got caught in those waters

as we tried to make it into flooded Beaumont.

Oh, Lord, please help us.

Get us through this.

Get us through this, Lord.

Please, please, please, please, please.

The roads in and out of the city, look like this.

Water flowed near the hood of our SUV

but we eventually made it across.

We decided to continue our fight another day.

And give it 24 hours for the floodwaters to recede.

We want to thank the good folks over

at First Baptist Church in Hamshire Texas,

for putting us up for the night and feeding us.

BOB THEWMAN: All these people do is give back.

A lot of these people have lost their homes,

their houses are under water.

ERIK ROSALES: You 90% of them that are working in the kitchen

right now.

BOB THEWMAN: 90% of the people in the kitchen.

Definitely serve a loving God and a giving God.

And this community here is an awesome community.

You know, people talk about oh, I'm going to move out of here.

I don't care where you go, you're not going to find.

JODY THEWMAN: This community has pulled together so much.

That everybody helps one another.

We are really-- we were on an island.

Nobody could get in and nobody could get out.

And God provided so much food, so much water.

It was truly amazing.

ERIK ROSALES: Jeff Burdock sells insurance in the area.

He says with Hamshire only 18 miles from the Gulf,

most homeowners have wind damage insurance but less than 20%

carry flood insurance.

But together, this Texas community

says they will do like Jesus and serve one another.

The lights may be out here in the sanctuary

but the spirit of Jesus is shining bright.

From Hamshire, Texas, Erik Rosales "CBN News."


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