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'God Is Our Refuge and Strength': President Trump Declares Sunday a 'National Day of Prayer'

'God Is Our Refuge and Strength': President Trump Declares Sunday a 'National Day of Prayer' Read Transcript

PRODUCER: All right.

You ready, Lauren?


PRODUCER: All right, go ahead.

Hi, everybody.

Thanks so much for tuning in.

We're here in the CBN newsroom.

And the news staff, not only covering the news,

but also very much concerned about the people in the news.

We have a crew there and we're praying for their safety,

and of course the safety and the well-being of all

the people in the affected area, Houston and the outlying areas.

So we would ask you to please join us

in prayer for the people being affected by Harvey.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you now in the name of Jesus

and we ask for your blessing on the people of Houston

and the outlying areas who are experiencing

such devastating flooding right now.

Father, we thank you that the storm was not

worse than it was.

We thank you that the loss of life

was not as bad as some people had feared it would be.

But Lord God, we know that there is so much

ahead of these people, that the flooding will continue,

that the waters will rise, and we

ask that you would spare the people of Houston

and the outlying areas loss of life and loss of property, God.

We ask that your Holy Spirit would fill people in the area

to help with rescue efforts and that your love would shine

in the midst of this disaster.

We thank you and we praise you for your servants, Operation

Blessing, the Red Cross, and the churches of the Houston area.

So many people who are helping and lending their

help to the people of Houston.

We know that the recovery effort and the rescue effort

is going to be months.

We just pray that you would give strength

to the people who are in the rescue and recovery zones,

and that you would help your servants to donate funds

to the recovery efforts.

And again, Lord God, we just pray especially

for the safety and the security for the people of the area.

We pray that the financial damage, the damage to homes

and other property would be minimal.

In all things, God, we just pray that through this crisis

and through this tragedy, that you will reign

supreme and people would come to trust you, to lean on you,

and to know you better.

We ask all this in the name of Jesus.


Lord, we know that there are still

hard times to come for Houston in the days ahead.

But, Lord, we know that you have gone ahead of them.

And, Lord, we ask that you would be

with everyone who is going in to help people, to rescue people,

to save people, to minister to people.

Lord, there are so many organizations

who are doing this.

Lord, we ask you to be with every one of them.

Lord, we just ask that the damage, and the injuries,

and the loss of life would be at an absolute minimum, Lord.

But through the next few days, especially as more rain

is coming, that you would be with everyone involved

in all the relief efforts in this area, Lord,

and be with the people who live there,

Lord, that they will know what to do.

That they-- you will just supernaturally work with them

so that people can be saved, Father.

And, Lord, we know that you have higher purposes

in so many things.

We just ask you all of your purposes

in this will be worked out for people

whose lives will be changed.

We ask that somewhere down the road

they will see that you have worked in their lives,

that you have ministered to them,

that you have taken care of them,

even through difficult times, Lord.

Lord, you promise us--

you don't say that difficult times won't come,

and you say that they will come, but that you

will be with us and with people through those times.

Father, we ask that your spirit will pervade the area, Lord,

and that things will just go smoothly

in all the efforts, Lord, to protect and to preserve

life and property throughout this extreme disaster.

Father, and just let it be as minimal as possible,

and let your help and the work of your Spirit

be as great as possible in the days, and the weeks,

and the months ahead.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity

to come together just to pray together, to worship you,


God, we know that you are the God of restoration,

that you can restore what's been stolen,

and you can repair what's been broken, Father.

We want to pray that in your name,

that you said that when two to three

come together in your name, that miracle happens, Father.

Because, Lord, you are the miracle worker.

Father, you know that--

everything in our minds, and we just

want to pray for the people and the citizens in Texas.

Especially, Father, we want to pray for the children, Lord.

Father, you will clothe them with happiness,

you will clothe them with comfort.

And let them know that every resource that belonged to you,

they're working so hard.

And just to repair, and just to provide, Father.

We know that nothing happens in life by chance, because it's

all in your plan, Father.

We know that, Lord Jesus, that when

life is getting difficult or getting

tough and so unpredictable, Father, we hold on to you,

because you are the only true God that we

serve in the universe, Father.

Father, we'll continue to pray for all the disaster relief

and for the people that are working to help the citizens,

and help the churches, and also the schools,

and the administrators, Father.

Let them all hold on to you, Father.

By your power they will be healed.

By your power, Father, we belong to you, Lord.

So, Father, just comfort them and provide peace,

and provide happiness, and provide everything

that they need, Lord.

And help us to continue to humble ourself, Lord,

in your name, and be grateful that each opportunity we have

the freedom to come to worship you,

have the freedom to come to know you, Father.

And also, we continue to pray for the people who

don't know you in the midst of the whole difficulties,

in the midst of the whole transition, Father.

You will open their eyes and you will open their minds, Father.

Because, the Lord, you are, again, the miracle worker,

and nothing can be too difficult for you, Lord.

Because, Father, you are the same yesterday, today,

and tomorrow.

Father, we give everything, our burden, our pressure,

and all the difficulties and challenge part down

in Texas, and for everything come to you, Lord.

And in Jesus we pray.


Dear Lord, we just thank you that you're in control.

We humble ourselves before you and we just

pray for miracles, dear Lord.

We pray that you would raise up--

that you would continue to raise up people to be there,

to rescue people, to minister to them, to provide them meals.

We just pray that you would take control of the entire rescue

effort, dear Lord.

We pray that there is no more loss of life.

We pray that no one else is injured, dear Lord.

We pray that you would heal every victim physically,

mentally, emotionally wherever that needs to take place.

I pray that you would continue to work on the hearts of those

involved in this situation to turn

to Jesus, to accept you, Lord Jesus, as our Lord and Savior.

And I pray that they would do that very quickly--

everyone who doesn't know you.

Dear Lord, I just pray that you would just take control

of this entire situation.

I pray that you would cause this storm to dissipate quickly,

to move out of the area, to be weakened tremendously

until it is no more.

And I pray, dear Lord, I pray that you would just--

that this storm would not harm anybody anymore, dear Lord.

I just pray that you would, again, just take control of it.

We just thank you, Lord.

We love you.

We know that you care about everything

that we're going through.

We cast our cares upon you because you

care for us, dear Lord.

We just thank you again.

Thank you for who you are.

We praise you for who you are.

And we just had this entire situation to you.

In Jesus' name we pray.


Well, Father, I just want to ask

you to bring your Holy Spirit right into the middle of what's

happening in the entire coast of Texas, God,

Houston all the way down.

Lord, would you just bring a gift of hope?

As the waters rise and swirl around and possessions

are lost, God, would you cause us to look up to you?

Your word says that you're the lifter of our heads.

So, God, not to be cast down in the midst of this,

but to lift up to you our eyes.

To know that our hope comes from you, God.

Our hope is in you.

And that nothing can destroy anything

of any significance in our lives as long

as our eyes are turned to you.

Would you be merciful, God, as water continues to come?

Would you just stop any damage, or would you

stop any taking of any further life, Lord Jesus?

Rescue those that need rescuing, God.

Comfort those that need comforting.

I just pray that the waters would not swell and overcome,

but, Jesus, that you would come and speak to the storm

and say, peace, be still.

Not just the storm of weather, God,

but the storm in our hearts and in our minds.

It's so easy for us to get caught up

in the day-to-day life, God.

Just stop us right where we are to remember how big you are,

how able you are, how loving, and kind, and grace-filled,

and merciful you are.

And how you are there in the midst of the storm

to comfort us, God.

And for those of us who don't live in that area,

trouble our hearts to remember throughout the day

to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters,

for our citizens, God, who are down there,

who are dealing with this day in and day out.

Give strength and courage.

We pray that you would cause those who are there

volunteering, those who are there

working to be tireless in their efforts,

but energized by your spirit.

God, we thank you that when the enemy comes in like a flood,

you will raise up a standard against him.

And, Holy Spirit, we just speak that that standard is you.

So come, Lord Jesus.

We thank you, God, for your faithfulness.

Thank you for being Abba Daddy to us.

In the middle of all that challenges

who we are, that we can say we know who our Father is.

And he is good.

And he is good all the time.

Father, we just confirm that, and we praise

and we worship you in the matchless name of Jesus.


Heavenly Father, I just come into agreement with my brothers

and sisters here at CBN, but also

with the prayers going up all across the country,

where we know that your hand is powerful and mighty.

And, Father, I ask that by your hand and by your spirit, Lord,

that this tropical storm will remain a tropical storm.

But I pray that this is an assignment of the enemy

to cause it to pick up, God, that you

would intervene and stop.

Lord, I pray for your grace to be poured out right now.

For every person there, for every rescue team, God,

I ask that you would strengthen them.

I ask that you would give them wisdom, Lord.

I pray right now that you would comfort people, Lord.

That you would comfort those who are traumatized, God.

I just pray that by your Spirit, you

would just bring just a supernatural peace, Lord.

To know, God, that you're going to bring people through this,


That you've made them overcome.

And so, Lord, we just speak that--

by your name, God, that you are victorious, Lord.

We know that you'll help us to overcome.

And, Lord, I just pray right now for just strength and grace

to pour out over the area of Texas.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Father God, we thank you so much for who you are,

dear Lord.

You are a great and mighty God, dear Lord Jesus.

And I know that there are some hurting people

right now in Texas, dear Lord.

There's so much catastrophe.

There's so much that's going on.

But I know that you are a God of making things right.

You make what seems impossible possible.

There are some people that are hurting right now.

Right now, I just pray that you will give them peace, only

the peace that you can give.

The peace that passes all understanding, dear Lord.

Give them the peace they need to make it through, dear Lord.

I pray that anything that is not of you

will just be taken away, because I know that we are dealing

with spiritual principalities.

But I know that we serve a God that gives the glory out

of making what's incorrect correct, dear Lord.

So I pray for the people that are hurting.

I pray for the people that are dealing with the loss of homes,

that are dealing with sickness.

But I know one thing that can be true,

and I know one thing that is true,

is that you are a healing God, dear Lord.

And you said in your word that by your stripes,

that we are healed.

So I pray healing over that land, the Lord Holy

Spirit, dwell within that place and bring

some peace to people that may not even know you, dear Lord.

That they will see more of you, dear

Lord, and want to know more about you, dear Lord.

It's a great thing, dear Lord, because I know that you're

going to make everything great.

And so I just pray right now that the peace will just

pass that place, and that everybody

will come into the right fruition, dear

Lord, and everything will turn out

the way it's supposed to be.

We trust you.

We love you.

We honor you for us in Christ.

In Jesus' name that we pray and count it all done.


Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you so humbly today.

Lord, bless those in Houston and the whole state of Texas,

because they're going through a lot right now.

Send down the angels on Houston right now, Lord.

And just please touch old, young, the animals, everyone

down in Texas, Lord, because you know

it's very hard times down here right now and we need them to--

we need the angels to watch over everyone down there.

Please, Lord.

And just be a blessing to them as they

go through this hard time.


Father, when events like this happen,

it's hard to know what even to say.

Because it's something so giant and catastrophic, and it's

something so much bigger than our own hands

that we have no control over it.

We have no idea how to comprehend what the next step

is or what the next thought is.

But, Father, we can at least rely on the constants in life.

The constants that we can still breathe

the air that you created.

And we can still believe in you, and know

that even though it seems so far out of scope, out of sight, out

of mind, that hopefully someday something incredibly good

can come out of all of this.

And even now we see people are reaching out

to the people in Houston and the people in Corpus Christi.

People are reaching out to help out with money, with resources,

with prayers.

There's good even in the storm right now,

and it's amazing to be able to have that perspective that you

give to us, Father.

Like I said, it's just hard to sometimes know

what to say during something like this, but if nothing else,

we can rest in the silence and know that you're there.

And the pain may be too hard to get past right now,

and the mind may be swarming with what do I do next,

what can I do next, but we know that in time

that you can deliver.

And, Father, we just know that you are there.

So even when everything is beyond control, and even when

the pain, and misery, and sorrow right

now is just so heavy and so much of a burden,

we know that eventually the burden will lighten,

and, Father, you will just deliver us through this,

deliver our brothers and sisters in Texas.

And help us everywhere else to know how to help them.

Help us not be silent.

Help us help them.


God, I just thank you right now,

Lord, that you are the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and Jacob.

God, that you are the one true God.

That you are the author and the perfecter of our faith, God.

And I thank you that you're the God who sees.

And, God, so I just thank you right now

that you see, Lord, all of Texas, Lord.

You see, God, those who are trapped

and that have been disconnected with their family members, God.

You see those even right now who are crying out for help.

Lord, I just watched a video of a woman

saying if someone does not come to the rescue quickly,

that they will die.

And so, God, I thank you that you

will come to their rescue, God.

I thank you for sending hands and feet of Jesus, Lord-- ,

Lord, directly to wherever they are, God.

That you would rescue them, God.

I pray peace and comfort, God.

Your word says that you bind up the broken hearted and you

comfort those who are crushed in spirit.

And so, God, I pray that you would bind up all brokenness.

Lord, anybody who is crushed in spirit, Lord,

that you would just give them peace.

Lord, give them a sound mind.

Lord, give them direction, Lord.

And, God, I just thank you right now, Lord,

for provision for those who are stuck

and, Lord, who are separated from their family members.

And, God, we put our trust in you.

God, we put our hope in you, Lord.

And I just ask you, Lord, that you will just be,

Lord, with the people in Texas.

Lord, that you would surround them with your glory, God.

That you would be their comfort.

Lord, I pray, God that even just old hymns, Lord,

for believers who are stuck in Houston,

that the old hymns that bring such comfort

would come up and arise in their spirit, Lord,

and bring them peace.

The peace like a river.

Lord, so I just thank you for that.

In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

I want to read this scripture found in Psalm 18, verse 16.

It says, "He reached down from heaven and took hold of me.

He pulled me out of deep waters."

And, Father, I just pray in the name of Jesus, Lord,

that you would rescue people, that you

would grab hold of people and pull them out

of the waters, Father God.

Those who are trapped, Lord, even in their homes,

or in their cars, or wherever they are, Lord.

You know where they are, Father.

And, Father, we just speak, Lord God, deliverance to them.

We speak life, Lord God.

We speak your peace over the entire area of Houston, Lord,

and into every person, Father God, who needs help.

Father God, every person who is trapped.

Father God, every person, Father, who is discouraged.

Father, we speak your peace.

Your peace like a river, Lord God.

Let it flood their hearts, Father God.

Let it flood their minds, Lord.

As the floods of the nature is all around,

we speak the flood of God's peace over Houston right now,

Father God.

We pray that you would help the first responders, Lord.

Help the Coast Guard and the National Guard, Lord.

We pray right now for churches in the area to come together,

Lord God, and to be, Lord, that beacon of hope,

Lord God, to people who've lost everything.

I saw a video of a man and his son,

and they said they had to be rescued, Lord, by crawling out

of their second floor window.

But he said, we thank God that we are alive.

We have nothing left, but we have our faith.

And so, Lord, we pray for them today,

those who are holding on to their faith.

Thank you so much, Lord God, for rescuing them.

But so many who do not know you, Lord, we

pray that they turn to you in this time of need,

and that they would know you as Lord and Savior.

We pray a blessing.

We speak of blessing over the mayor

and the government, Lord God, that they would

know what to do to help people.

Father, we thank you, Lord, that you

are hearing the cries of your people

all over the world for the people of Houston.

And, Lord, we pray, Lord, that there

would come a mighty revival out of Houston

as a result of what is happening there today.

We thank you and we praise you.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Father, in the midst of everything that's happening,

God we give you thanks and praise.

We know that nothing happens without your knowledge.

We know that you are over the storm and over the flood.

And we know, Lord, that we can look to you and trust in you.

And, Lord, on behalf of all the people

in Houston and southern Texas now,

we just lift our voices in prayer

asking you, God, to restrain the waters, to send them back,

to make them recede.

Lord, to move the rain out and, Lord, let them

begin to start recovering and start the aftermath of what

they've been through.

God, we're praying that you would save everyone

who is still in danger.

We're praying, Father, that you would preserve every life.

That anyone who finds himself in danger right

now would be rescued, would be saved.

And, Lord, they would even look up to heaven

and call out and cry for your help,

and see you move on their behalf in a mighty way.

And, God, in the midst of all this, we're seeing something--

we're seeing people helping one another.

We're seeing people from all different races and backgrounds

risking their lives, taking their time,

making effort to go and help others and rescue them.

And, Lord, this is the country that we want to see.

Lord, this is what the healing that we want

to happen in our nation.

Where we're not divided by old hurts and old bitterness.

We can move beyond them and be healed of those, Lord.

But in the time of peril and the time of trouble,

we can come together as one, and we can help one another,

and be friends and neighbors to one another.

Lord, I just pray that that spirit that we're

seeing of helpfulness, of unity, of putting aside

separation and just being helpful,

God, will be a fruit that will emerge from this,

will be a long-lasting work that would come out

of this, a praise that we'll give you glory for.

That out of this, Lord, we'll see an example of how

America can be united again.

How hurts can be healed, divisions mended.

Because when the catastrophe comes, when the tragedy comes,

and when it's all of us together, then we reach out

and we help one another.

And we look up to you and we cry aloud to you, Lord,

to do your great work, Father, in healing our nation,

and helping the people of Houston and South Texas,

and rescuing those who are still in peril,

and helping these folks to rebuild their lives.

And above all, Lord, that our country would return to you,

cry out to you, seek your face, humble ourselves before you.

That we would see a great revival and renewal

in our land.

And I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.


Father, we come before you in the name of our Lord Jesus


We come to say we thank you.

We trust you.

You are the God of love, and mercy, and grace.

And no matter what is going in this world,

we know that you are there.

We know from thy word, Father, that you

take care of thy people.

You take care of people who are in need for you.

That's why we come now to lift up our hearts

and minds before you.

To ask you, Father, to just show thyself

to the people who are now in great need for thyself.

There is a lot of people now in Texas

and all these areas that are hit by this hurricane.

Maybe they don't have any way to ask for rescue or for help.

We just cry before you, Father, for them.

To just glorify thy name and answer and send

somebody for them to reach them out

and to help them be out of the danger.

We know from thy word that Satan is the master of the air,

and he can do harm with using the air.

But we know also that our Lord Jesus

Christ, when He was in such a situation,

He rebuked the storm.

And He asked and ordered air and storm

to be just calm and quiet.

And it happened.

That's why, Father, we come in the name of our Lord Jesus

Christ before you, knowing that whatever is going on,

we have you and we have our Lord Jesus Christ ready to just

provide grace, and mercy, and help, and healing,

and to provide whatever the situation is.

That's why, Father, we ask you to just show

us thyself, and show all these people that they are going

into this bad and hard situation,

to let them know it's not just about air and water and flood,

but we also face in the life winds,

and something comes to our life spiritually.

And it can harm us, but also you are there

to give us peace in our hearts and our mind.

To let everyone know that there is forgiveness,

there is salvation, there is life

waiting for everybody doesn't know yet

that you are for them, Father.

You love everyone that you gave thy only begotten son,

for whosoever believeth in Him has everlasting life.

We thank you for that, Father.

It's just everything-- you are controlling everything.

You are controlling the material, the physical things,

and also the spiritual thing that we need the most,

and everyone needs the most.

So we ask you to just glorify thy name, Father.

We thank you for all what you have done till now.

And we ask to just show thyself to the people

that you are there, and you can touch

their hearts and their minds, and you give peace,

and you also give whatever the situation need and the people


We ask you to send the people to rescue, and to--

also people with love in their heart to give,

because there is a lot of need, Father.

We ask you to just glorify thy name.

We trust you father.

We love you, because you loved us first.

And we give you honor and glory in the precious name

of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Just want to thank everyone for joining us

in this prayer time today.

This ends our prayer time, but please

continue to pray for the people of Houston.

Please continue to pray for the people of South Texas,

for our nation.

And in whatever way God leads you to help, in some way,

we ask that you follow what he tells you do.

And please share this video with your family and friends

on Facebook.

Spread this message and this word of prayer

so that more will pray.

Thank you.


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