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CBN Global Update: September 4, 2017

CBN's Orphan's Promise has created The FREEDOM project in Kenya to give Kenyan kids a hope for a better future. Through the project a music album was created features voices of the kids, highlighting their cries for freedom. Read Transcript

Many orphans and at-risk children in Kenya are poor,

hungry, and often forgotten.

But CBN's Orphan's Promise is giving them

a voice and a chance at a brighter future

through its Freedom Project.

The organization produced a music album called

"The Sound of Freedom Uhuru."

It features the unique sound of these children

who are singing about freedom.

Proceeds will go to providing education for orphans in Kenya.

The album is available on iTunes.

And you can buy a copy at

And you can find out more about CBN is doing around the world

by going to


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