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News on The 700 Club: September 4, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," Read Transcript

GORDON ROBERTSON: Well, welcome to the 700 Club.

For today's top stories, let's go over to the CBN News Room.

MARK MARTIN: Gordon, the situation

on the Korean peninsula continues

to become more dangerous.

North Korea has tested a massive hydrogen bomb,

and now South Korea has a warning

the North could be about the test still another missile.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: South Korea believes North Korea

may be preparing to launch an intercontinental ballistic


This, after Seoul's Defense Ministry

reported North Korea's nuclear test measured at 50 kilotons--

that's four to five times more powerful than the atomic bomb

the US dropped on Nagasaki in World War II--

so powerful it triggered an earthquake

felt from Russia to China.

The detonation was the strongest ever

from the North, which claimed the test was of a hydrogen


South Korea responded with live fire drills

off its eastern coast.

REPORTER: Mr. President, will you attack North Korea?


DALE HURD: Defense Secretary James Mattis

repeated earlier warnings that the US

is prepared to use overwhelming force against the North.


to the United States or its territories,

including Guam or our allies, will

be met with a massive military response--

a response both effective and overwhelming.

DALE HURD: Texas Senator Ted Cruz

joined the voices saying North Korea must be stopped.

SENATOR TED CRUZ: This step, if it is right that they have now

developed a hydrogen bomb, is a serious escalation

in their ability to commit mass acts of murder,

and it is going to call for further serious steps

to prevent North Korea from using those weapons.

DALE HURD: Sanctions, and other measures,

have been tried for decades but haven't stopped the North.

And President Trump chided US ally South Korea

tweeting, "South Korea is finding, as I have told them,

that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work,

they only understand one thing!"

North Korea analyst, James Cotton,

believes that despite its actions,

the North does not want war.

SHEA COTTON: I don't think that North Korea is exactly

ready to deploy this weapon yet.

North Korea knows that any sort of conflict would be--

would result in its destruction.

And the US and its allies know that any conflict would be

very costly for them, as well.

So it's likely that we'll kind of remain in this status

quo, sort of standoff.

DALE HURD: President Trump is also

ramping up the pressure on North Korea's major trading

partner, China.

Trump said on Twitter Sunday, "The United States

is considering, in addition to other options,

stopping all trade with any country doing business

with North Korea."

STEVE MNUCHIN: We are going to work with our allies.

We'll work with China.

But people need to cut off North Korea economically.

This is unacceptable behavior.

DALE HURD: China says the threat to cut off trade with countries

that deal with North Korea is quote, unacceptable and unfair.

The UN Security Council is set to hold an emergency meeting

on North Korea after its nuclear test added

another layer of urgency for diplomats

wrestling with what to do next.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

MARK MARTIN: Here at home, churches

across the country prayed for the victims

of Hurricane Harvey on Sunday.

President Trump issued a proclamation

declaring it a National Day of Prayer.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also called for a day of prayer

in his state.

On Sunday, he told worshippers that this is not only a time

to seek God's help, but to give thanks for His mercies.

GOVERNOR ABBOTT: So this is a time

of prayer for those in need.

It's a time for prayer for those who have been lost.

But it's also a prayer of thanksgiving to God Almighty

for uniting us as a nation and helping us respond together.

MARK MARTIN: Houston pastor Jason Shepherd says more than

1,200 people from his church volunteered to help victims

clean out their flood-damaged homes--

people like Airrion and Sherry Fontenot

whose home was flooded with two feet of water.

They told CBN News the volunteers

are a sign of God's grace and love in a difficult time.

STEVE MNUCHIN: Going to the house

was the hardest, just because um--

I mean, the memories.

But the people that showed up, they made it better.

They helped us walk through it and honestly, I

didn't have to lift a finger in that house to do anything.

AIRRION FONTENOT: When I got there and just saw

the generosity and the grace and God's love through the people,

it was really an amazing, amazing thing.

MARK MARTIN: That's awesome to hear.

The church is also providing shelter and food

for the victims.

CBN's Operation Blessing Disaster Relief Team

has been on the ground in Texas, helping people clean up

after the devastation of the flooding from Hurricane Harvey,

and delivering life-sustaining supplies to communities

devastated by the storm.

To give to Operation Blessings Disaster Relief Fund,

call 1-800-700-7000, or go to

You can also send donations to Operation Blessing

International Disaster Relief Fund, CBN Center,

Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23463

Spiritual leaders gathered with President Trump in the Oval

Office Friday when he issued the proclamation for the day

of prayer for Texas.

After signing it, he asked Dallas pastor, Robert Jeffress,

to pray for him and the nation.

ROBERT JEFFRESS: Father, your words says,

if your people who are called by your name

will humble themselves and pray and seek your face,

you will forgive their sins and heal their land.

Father, I thank you that we have a President, President Donald

Trump, who believes in the power of prayer.

We thank you for a Vice President

like Vice President Pence who works alongside of him.

And we thank you that the President had the wisdom

to call our nation right now for a day of prayer

this coming weekend.

MARK MARTIN: And you can watch the full prayer at


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