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'Begging for War': Will North Korean Missile Launch Trigger U.S. Attack?

'Begging for War': Will North Korean Missile Launch Trigger U.S. Attack? Read Transcript

As tense as the situation with North Korea has already become,

it could get worse.

South Korea believes the North is planning another missile

launch within a few days.

The test launch of what some suspect will

be an intercontinental ballistic missile

capable of hitting the United States

could come this Saturday.

That's the anniversary of North Korea's founding.

And leader Kim Jong-un may want to show off

his ability to target the US with nuclear weapons.

The stakes could not be higher the urgency is now.

DALE HURD: And at a special meeting of the UN Security

Council Monday, the US repeated its warning to North Korea.

Nuclear powers understand their responsibilities.

Kim Jong-un shows no such understanding.

His abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats

show that he is begging for war.

DALE HURD: Japan, which had a North Korean missile

fly through its airspace, told the Security Council

something must be done.

The Security Council must act to stop North Korea

from continuing down this road.

DALE HURD: South Korean warships conducted live-fire exercises

at sea today in a show of strength

after the North conducted its biggest nuclear test ever

of a hydrogen bomb.

On Monday, Seoul used F-15 fighter jets

and land-based ballistic missiles

to simulate an attack on North Korea's nuclear test site

to strongly warn the North over the recent detonation.

China has begun nuclear radiation emergency

drills along its border with North Korea.

President Trump, asked in Washington

if he would attack North Korea, said, "We'll see."

Russia, China, and the European Union all

claim there is no military solution to the crisis,

but all have condemned North Korea.

The path undertaken by North Korea

is dangerous, irresponsible, and illegal.

No US military action appears imminent.

And UN ambassador Nikki Haley is calling

for the strongest possible sanctions against North Korea

at the UN, while the Trump administration looks

into penalties against nations that do business with the North

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Is that a winner?


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