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It's Not Over: Why the Next Five Days Are Crucial for This Houston Community

It's Not Over: Why the Next Five Days Are Crucial for This Houston Community Read Transcript

We're in West Houston, just about a mile or so away

from where the releases took place.

And you can see the damage that was left behind.

This is pretty much the only way that you can get around

in the neighborhood in Houston.

It's about five to six feet of water

that is gradually going down.

But the results inside many of these homes is catastrophic.

It's completely wiped out.

Everything at least was in two feet of water at least.

All the furniture is gone, appliances, everything.

ERIK ROSALES: Engineers tell CBN News

the rush is on right now for hundreds of thousands

to get as much as possible out of their water-soaked West

Houston homes, because over the next five days,

more water has to be released from two nearby reservoirs

which were built in the 1940s.

Emergency workers say the dams are showing their age

and could give way if more water is not released

to ease the pressure on them.

Meanwhile, people have been going through their homes

and taking stock of the damages.

We lost a lot.

A lot.

But it's just worldly possessions.

ERIK ROSALES: They are just grateful to fellow Texans,

strangers who have showed up at their home to help rip

out the carpet and drywall.

There's so much beauty that the Lord

is bringing out of this.

I just can't tell you.

It's worth it all, almost, because it's really

what it's all about.

It's the bride of Christ, being together and one.

We're blessed.

We're truly blessed to have some friends who

had a house to allow us to move there

and say, look, don't worry about it for now.

Just get in, get your stuff in there.

It's your home.

And be blessed.

The whole Church Unlimited network, raise your hands.

Raise your hands.

All right.

ERIK ROSALES: In Rockport, along the Texas coastline,

and nearly a dozen other cities throughout the state,

Operation Blessing is providing people with important supplies

they need, along with emotional support.

I need y'all to fill this out, front and back.

There's four pages.

Lots of signatures.

ERIK ROSALES: Working side by side with FEMA crews,

Operation Blessing volunteers help clean up what

Hurricane Harvey left behind.

I feel real bad, and that's why

I came out here, to help out, and do my part to helping out.


I know it's a little something, but something.

ERIK ROSALES: But through it all,

Texans are strong, resilient, and know God

will bring a brighter tomorrow.

And y'all are out there helping more people.

Operation Blessing, y'all are the only people that I've seen

out here helping right now.

Operation Blessing, the word "blessing" is a--

y'all are a blessing right now to us here in this community.


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