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In the Wake of Harvey: Operation Blessing's Jody Gettys on the Long Road Ahead

In the Wake of Harvey: Operation Blessing's Jody Gettys on the Long Road Ahead Read Transcript

We're joined with Jody Gettys from Operation Blessing.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Talk to us a little bit about-- you

know, we're here in the Port Arthur-Beaumont area.

But this is just one of the areas

where volunteers have helped out with Operation Blessing,


Yeah, absolutely, Erik.

We are working all over the state of Texas.

We've had over 2,300 volunteers working

in Rockport, which is one of the hardest areas where

Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

We're working here in Port Arthur, as well as Beaumont.

And then of course, we're working in about eight cities

total throughout Texas.

ERIK ROSALES: And how can people help?

How can they get involved?

You still need volunteers, correct?

JODY GETTYS: Absolutely.

There's a long road of recovery, and if there's

anything we need, it's, of course, financial resources--

but human resources.

So if you'd like to volunteer, please

go to, and click on Volunteer.

We'd love to have you come out and help

us help the people of Texas.

And you're also providing spiritual healing, as well,

for them.

Oh, my goodness.


I mean, the greatest calling we have

is to resurrect hope in people.

I mean, they're devastated.

This is Ruth's home behind me-- an elderly lady that has

a disabled adult niece that lives behind her--

as well as elderly people all around.

They're in total state of shock.

Lots of tears yesterday.

Just here to love o them.

All right.

Well, thank you so much for your hard work

with Operation Blessing.

Thank you so much, Jody.


Thank you.

Well, again, folks out here-- they lost everything.

Anything that anybody can help, just

go to, and that's the way to do it.


Thanks, Erik.

I want to say one word to Jody before she leaves.

Jody, tell me about the faith level of these people.

It's extraordinary.

They have lost everything--


And they're just helpless.

And you know, what is the spiritual level

of these wonderful people?

Well, Pat, they're trying to hold on to hope, of course.

But as I walked the streets yesterday in this neighborhood,

it was tough.

Ruth was very distraught.

Sandra, across the street-- another elderly lady--

they can't help themselves, Pat.

And so right now, it's the reality

of coming back to their homes and seeing everything

that they've worked for-- everything

they've lived for-- completely in ruins.

In the pile behind me, there's pictures of their children,

their grandchildren.

The stuff that's on the side of the road

is stuff that money can't buy.

But Operation Blessing's here.

And I feel like our greatest calling

is to resurrect hope in the precious lives

of these hearts that are here in Port Arthur and all

throughout Texas.



I heard--

I think [INAUDIBLE] was telling me

about Beaumont-- that the sewage system went out,

and nothing but polluted water, and they

couldn't flush toilets.

Could you go into that in some detail?

Yeah, that is correct, Pat.

Yes, sir.

It was really hard here in Beaumont.

The water supply went out.

So not only was it contaminated, you turned the faucet on,

it didn't come out.

So obviously, the people are the most important, Pat.

But even us as relief workers in here,

we were struggling just to flush the toilet.

We were having to carry in huge tanks of water just

to pour into the toilet to be able to go to the restroom.

No one could take showers.

And think about it.

Of course, we have great resources--

RVs and stuff like that.

But these people have lost everything they had.

And being without water-- in America,

we're not used to that at all.

And so it's just a struggle to survive.

The water's coming on and off at times.

But it's still not at full capacity--

as well as in Port Arthur.

So again, we just need prayers for these folks--

not only for volunteer help, but just to kind of survive

the circumstances.


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