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Trump Admin Ending Obama's DACA Program for Immigrant 'Dreamers'

Trump Admin Ending Obama's DACA Program for Immigrant 'Dreamers' Read Transcript

The decision is in when it comes to Dreamers.

I'm Amber Strong at the White House.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions laid out

the administration's plan when it

comes to the future for DACA recipients.

I'm here today to announce that the program known

as DACA that was effectuated under the Obama administration

is being rescinded.

According to the statement from the President,

that means no new applicants.

But existing permits will not expire for another six months,

and remain active for up to two years.

That six-month wind down puts the ball in Congress's court.

Tuesday morning the President tweeted, "Congress,

get ready to do your job".

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

applies to children brought to the US

illegally by their parents.

Under an Obama administration executive order,

they were allowed to obtain work permits as long as they adhered

to strict guidelines, including graduating from high school

or obtaining a GED, an honorable discharge from the military,

and remaining free from felonies.

In a press conference, Sessions criticized President Obama's

decision to implement DACA in the first place,

calling it presidential overreach.

The policy was implemented unilaterally,

to great controversy and legal concern,

after Congress rejected legislative proposals

to extend similar benefits on numerous occasions

to this same group of illegal aliens.

Former President Barack Obama also

weighed in on today's decision.

In a statement, he wrote, "These Dreamers

are Americans in their hearts, in their minds,

in every single way but one; on paper.

They were brought to this country

by their parents, sometimes even as infants.

They may not know a country besides ours".

DNC Chairman Tom Perez also weighed in on today's decision.


Now it's up to Congress.

Some members of the Senate, including Senator Lindsay

Graham, have already put forth legislation

hoping to deal with the 800,000 people impacted

by today's announcement.

I'm Amber Strong for CBN News at the White House.


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