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'May God Protect Us All': Historic Hurricane Irma Slams Caribbean on Track for Florida

'May God Protect Us All': Historic Hurricane Irma Slams Caribbean on Track for Florida Read Transcript

Early next week.

Amber Strong has the latest

AMBER STRONG: Florida residents aren't leaving anything

to chance stocking up on water and supplies

and taking the necessary steps to get ready for the extremely

high winds expected if Hurricane Irma makes its way ashore


President Trump has already approved emergency declarations

for both Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands,

for what forecasters are predicting

could be the most powerful storm in the history of the Atlantic.

The airports on the island of Antigua

have shut down with a simple prayer.

"May God protect us all."

And in Florida, Governor Rick Scott

has issued a state of emergency for all 67 counties.

Do not sit and wait to prepare.

Get prepared now.

AMBER STRONG: Officials in the Florida Keys

have also ordered mandatory evacuations.

It's going to be crazy getting out of here.

It's going to be gridlock.

Getting out of the Keys, there's only one

way in and one way out.

Water, batteries, flashlights, the essentials.

I think right now it's a little bit too early to tell,

but it's a good time to be prepared.

AMBER STRONG: All this comes as Texans are still

cleaning up in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are working

to tie emergency funding for disaster aid

after Harvey to efforts to raise the debt ceiling.

A vote could come as early as today.

In the meantime, charities like CBN's Operation Blessing

are standing in the gap, with thousands of volunteers

helping with the cleanup efforts,

and working alongside Texans hoping to restore their lives.

The incredible thing is, is when Operation Blessing

volunteers arrive, they go from being incredibly downcast,

to all of a sudden having hope, all of a sudden knowing

that they're not alone.

AMBER STRONG: The OB team says they will continue their work

with Texans, and are also getting

ready for Hurricane Irma as well.

We're praying that that thing somehow turns around and goes

out to sea.

But if it hits the US, Operation Blessing will be there.

We'll be in more communities, just

like we were in eight cities here in Texas, loving

on people, working with local pastors, and churches,

and emergency management.

Experts are warning wind speeds could reach up

to 225 miles per hour before all is said and done.

So they're warning people in the way of the storm

to take it seriously.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.


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