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Twitter Suspends Christian Blogger For Condemning Teen Vogue Article on Underage Sodomy

Twitter Suspends Christian Blogger For Condemning Teen Vogue Article on Underage Sodomy Read Transcript

Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy,

is a popular Christian blogger.

She often posts videos on social media about the pressure

to normalize homosexuality, as well as a host

of other ills in America.

She has recently come under fire for comments

she posted on Twitter criticizing

"Teen Vogue" for an article teaching kids about sodomy.

Elizabeth Johnston joins us from her home via Skype.

Thank you so much for being with us today, Elizabeth.

Hi, Charlene.

Thank you for having me.

Well, first of all, Elizabeth, you

speak out about a lot of things wrong in our society.

And you recently took on "Teen Vogue's" push

of underage sodomy.

Tell us about that.


Gigi Engle authored an article that "Teen Vogue" printed

teaching kids as young as 13 years old

how to sodomize one another.

Parents were outraged.

I filmed a video of myself burning a "Teen Vogue" magazine

and calling on parents to go to their local stores

and libraries to make sure that they did not

carry "Teen Vogue."

And this video was viewed 11 million times.

And we started operation #pullteenvogue.

And it was everywhere, Charlene.

Parents were outraged that a fashion magazine for teenagers

thought it was appropriate to teach kids

how to sodomize one another.

And so that's how all this started was--

kind of I was the one spearheading this campaign

to push back against the hypersexualization of our kids

that "Teen Vogue" is foisting upon them.


And you actually posted comments on Twitter

about the "Teen Vogue" article.

What exactly did you write?


So "The Advocate" magazine is a homosexual magazine.

And they awarded Philip Picardi, who

is the digital editor of "Teen Vogue," who

is the one responsible for creating this sodomy article.

They awarded him with a top 50 most influential LGBT

journalists or something like that.

And so I tweeted a sarcastic congratulations

to Philip Picardi for being awarded

this award for teaching kids how to sodomize one another.

And Twitter locked my Twitter account

and would not allow me to get back on Twitter,

until I deleted these two tweets that they claim were

in violation of their policy.


So what exactly did they say to you?

What did Twitter-- how did they contact you?

What did they say to you?


So when you go on to Twitter and they have you locked out,

you just get a screen that says you can't access Twitter

until you delete these offending tweets.

And so in a very Draconian way, they

are purging Twitter of anything that they

don't want to there, anything that

doesn't match with their Silicon Valley leftist ideology.

And so I had to-- if I wanted to access my Twitter account,

even to call Twitter out on what they were doing,

I had to delete these offending posts.

And they claimed that it was harassment

and threatening speech to call Philip Picardi out

and "The Advocate" magazine out for awarding them for this,

because he's teaching kids how to sodomize one another.

Now Philip Picardi's still sitting there

with his Twitter account.

"The Advocate" magazine is still sitting there

with their Twitter account, even though what Philip did

is illegal and pandering obscenity

to minors against federal law.


Amazing, Elizabeth.

And earlier this year, Facebook also

shut down your page because of your biblical views

on homosexuality.

Does this all point to a lack of tolerance

for people who don't share views that are increasingly more

accepted in society today?

There's no question about it that the left

wants to marginalize and silence believers.

They will not stop until we not only tolerate

but celebrate what it is that God calls an abomination.

And so they are really--

Google, YouTube, Twitter-- all of the Silicon Valley

corporations and businesses are really

clamping down on this speech that they find offensive,

while the leftist speech continues to say

they are harmed and unpunished.

And so it is definitely content discrimination, content

censorship that we're seeing.

And this is why Christians need to be bolder

than they've ever been before.

When they experience the kind of push-back

that Facebook experienced in February when they banned

my account and the story went worldwide,

Facebook came back with an apology

for deleting my content.

And placed my content back up on Facebook

and restored my account.

And so when Christians will be bold and courageous

and push back against this marginalization and silencing

that's taking place by the Silicon Valley elitist,

we can make great strides and we keep

freedom of speech for our children and our grandchildren.


And Elizabeth, you know, we're talking

about all of negative things that are happening,

but what are you seeing-- you know, positive results?

What are you seeing happening as a result of you being

that bold activists, that Christian who's not going

to back down and not be quiet?

What are you seeing, positive results, happening?

Well, Charlene, I get messages almost every day from people,

not only in America, but across the world who are thanking me

for being their voice and saying,

because all the things that I'm witnessing you going through

and the things you're saying, I have

found my voice, students in high school and college

saying I am now speaking up in a way

that I was afraid to before.

And so I want to encourage all of your listeners and viewers

to remember that God has not given us the spirit of fear.

The wicked flee when no man pursues,

but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

God has called us to boldness, like Daniel,

when he was told he cannot pray in public.

And he opened the doors of his window

and prayed as he always did, three times a day.

God has called us to boldness.

And God honored Daniel and placed him

in a seat of authority because of his pure heart

toward the Lord and his willingness to be courageous.

And we should all do the same.


Elizabeth Johnston, a.k.a.

the Activist Mommy, thank you so much for your time today.

God bless you.

You too, Charlene.

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