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Hurricane Irma Storms Toward U.S., Jonathan Falwell and Wife Survive Devastation on St. Martin

Hurricane Irma Storms Toward U.S., Jonathan Falwell and Wife Survive Devastation on St. Martin Read Transcript

GARY LANE: Hurricane Wilma barreled

through the southern Caribbean on its way toward the US,

packing 180 mile per hour sustained winds,

bringing death and destruction to Barbuda,

and submerged streets to the island of St. Martin.

Thomas Road pastor Jonathan Falwell

gave his wife a surprise wedding anniversary gift--

a trip to St. Martin.

The two were trapped on the island when the hurricane hit.

He posted photos of the destruction on social media

and tweeted, "We are safe.

No power.

Everything destroyed.

Buildings gone.

Please pray, as this island is decimated."

Heavy rain hampered Puerto Rico and caused power outages

affecting 1 million people.

More than 1,000 sought safety in shelters.

Parts of the island could be without power

for four to six months.

In the Florida Keys, 25,000 people

have already been evacuated.

Mandatory evacuations took place in some Miami neighborhoods.

And traffic jams on some evacuation routes

were commonplace.

I've been through George, been through Andrew,

been through Wilma, but I'm not staying for Irma.

GARY LANE: Evacuees from the Florida and Georgia coast

are seeking refuge in hotel rooms in central Georgia.

Most are sold out Florida Governor Rick Scott warned

people to find a safe place.

Every Floridian should take this seriously,

and be aggressive to protect their family.

Possessions can be replaced.

Your family cannot.

GARY LANE: Floridians emptied store shelves of water, milk,

and bread, and waited in long gas lines

to fill up their fuel tanks.

Gas is running out everywhere right now.

So I'm just a little too late trying to get it, I guess.

GARY LANE: The latest storm track

shows Irma downgrading to a category four storm,

possibly making landfall, or skirting

by Florida's east coast, and then moving up to the Georgia

coast and South Carolina.

Irma could cause a great deal of damage,

just as Hurricane Harvey did when it flooded parts of Texas.

That would mean more disaster relief spending

from Washington, where President Trump struck

a deal with Democrats Wednesday to raise the government's debt


a deal that included relief funding to help after Harvey.

And as it did before Harvey, OB is busy

preparing for potential disaster in Florida.

Truckloads of water and food supplies

are now being staged at its Ocala, Florida, warehouse.

And that means Operation Blessing volunteers

are ready to move into action whenever and wherever Hurricane

Irma makes landfall.

Gary Lane, CBN News.


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