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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - September 7, 2017


Well, we've got some questions for you.

We've got your questions, and we have some honest answers.

This is from Carol, who says, "Pat, my husband recently

converted all of our investments into gold or silver.

He feels the Lord is guiding him to do this.

He listens to different commentators

on the internet who say the US dollar is worth little,

and say our financial system is going

to collapse because of our country's huge debt.

Are you concerned about this?

Do you think there are measures Christians should take

to hedge against inflation?

You know the era of gold as a big hedge against inflation--

We really haven't had any inflation.

Inflation has been down so low, and our problem

is deflation, not inflation, right at the present moment.

You look at a fellow named Buffett.

He's made his money on the idea that the American economy would

grow, and he was going to get stocks

that would grow at the rate of about 25 to 26% a year,


And that's so he thinks of gold as a barbaric relic.

And it doesn't have any interest.

You know, the jury's still out on gold and silver.

But to put all your money into something like that is,

I think, very unwise.

You know, the stock market is doing extremely well

these days, and the American economy is doing well.

And a little bit of gold along the way

is sort of an anchor to the right of the left

or whatever you want.

It doesn't hurt, but anything more than that, I think,

is foolish.

All right?


This is Brock, who says, "I cannot find anything in the New

Testament that obligates me, a Gentile,

to tithe 10% or whatever to God.

Has God left it up to me?

I'm very thrifty, but don't want to cheat God.

I've not given regularly in this regard for many years.

Could you please recommend a basic standard, if there

is one, for this penny pincher.

I have a total and net income after deductions

on my tax return.

Which should I base my decision on, if either?

Also, is this type of gift acceptable to God

when applied to a television ministry such as yours?

I also have great compassion for anyone

who suffers from breathing disorders,

since the type of research involved

is curing these diseases, is curing these diseases is

of a secular nature, would a donation to any of these

not qualify?

I know.




How many questions are you asking?

You're asking above four at the same time.

SPEAKER 1: He wants to know what to do with his money,


I know.

The rule was that, you know, Jacob

was wrestling with the Lord.

And he said, "Look, you, you look after me, bring me back,

don't let me have any pain, and I'll give you 10%."

Well, wasn't that a big deal?

You take good care of me, and I'll give you 10%.

Jacob was a deal maker.

10% has been the THE IDEA of a tithe, you know.

You would give that unto the Lord.

But many people, 10, 20, 30%, and you

know, according to the IRS, you can give 50%.

So the question is, your tithes and offerings,

out of the abundance of your heart, you give.

God loves a cheerful giver.

And the idea is, we give to the poor.

We give to the needy.

And the overall church includes hospitals.

It includes ministries like CBN.

It includes television.

It includes schools.

It includes so many things that we give as unto the Lord.

And I can't tell you which one to give.

But you let the Lord lead you.

But a tithe is a minimum, a minimum,

of what you ought to give.

All right?

SPEAKER 1: This is a viewer, who says,

"Can you have a mental illness, and still

have the mind of Christ?

And how do most mental healings take place?

I ask because I'm dealing with one myself,

and I've set my mind to be ready to be completely delivered

by the Lord."

Well, the Lord will set you free.

You asked--

These are very hard questions that we're

getting, because they don't have easy answers.

You know, we are under in the conclusion,

and I think it's the right one, that a person suffering

from a mental disease does not sin,

because they don't understand the difference

between right and wrong.

So I think the idea of an idiot committing some horrible crime

or a sin isn't in the offering.

You wrote that question, having to do with some mental problem

that you have, but you didn't say what it was.

So it could be that you're psychotic,

that you have a split personality, that you

have something.

I don't know what it is.

And if you were in the throes of some psychotic episode,

your actions, at that point in time, I don't believe

would be counted against you.

Beyond that, though, you need have treatment.

You know, there are chemicals that

cause you to have some of these problems,

and there are chemicals that will counter against it.

There is the old fashioned psychoanalysis

which lets you go through your problems,

and work out an answer.

There's so many ways of getting help,

and there's people who are trained

so well, who are Christians.

You need to find somebody that way,

to give you the help you need.

And I believe Christian psychiatry and psychology--

At Regent University, we're training people

with doctorates in psychology, that

are experts in these diseases and these things

that take people.

And I do believe that we need to give people help.

But your question is to vague for me to give you an answer.

I, you can't answer.

You don't know what they're dealing with.


I don't have any idea what we're dealing with, OK?


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