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News on The 700 Club: September 7, 2017

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept. 7: Hurricane Irma storms toward the US; the truth behind the radical group “Antifa”, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the 700 Club.

They say it has more power than twice all of the armaments

that exploded during World War II.

That's how much power Hurricane Irma

has as it begins its path of destruction

starting in the Caribbean, where it's already

devastated some islands there.

When it gets to the United States,

nobody is sure exactly what's going to happen.

I was down in Florida in the Homestead area when Andrew--

right after Andrew.

And folks, you cannot conceive of the devastation.

You just cannot conceive of a house after house after house

condemned, it had to be torn down.

The roof of one major church was destroyed,

the thing just collapsed on them.

And they went on and on and on.

And they say that this is much worse than Andrew.

It could, in fact, become the most expensive storm

in the history of the United States.

Well, Irma's on a path to make landfall

in Florida along with Georgia and possibly the Carolinas.

And as Gary Lane reports, people in the path

of this monster storm are preparing for the worst.

GARY LANE: Hurricane Irma barreled

through the southern Caribbean on its way toward the US,

packing 180 mile per hour sustained winds,

bringing death and destruction to Barbuda,

and submerged streets to the island of St. Martin.

Thomas Road pastor Jonathan Falwell

gave his wife a surprise wedding anniversary gift--

a trip to St. Martin.

The two were trapped on the island when the hurricane hit.

He posted photos of the destruction on social media

and tweeted we are safe, no power, everything destroyed.

Buildings gone.

Please pray as this island is decimated.

Heavy rain hammered Puerto Rico and caused power outages

affecting one million people.

More than 1,000 sought safety in shelters.

Parts of the island could be without power

for four to six months.

In the Florida Keys, 25,000 people

have already been evacuated.

Mandatory evacuations took place in some Miami neighborhoods.

And traffic jams on some evacuation routes

were commonplace.

I've been through George, been through Andrew,

been through Wilma, but I'm not staying for Irma.

GARY LANE: Evacuees from the Florida and Georgia coast

are seeking refuge in hotel rooms in central Georgia.

Most are sold out.

Florida Governor Rick Scott warned people

to find a safe place.

Every Floridian should take this seriously

and be aggressive to protect their family.

Possessions can be replaced, your family cannot.

GARY LANE: Floridians emptied stores shelves of water, milk,

and bread, and waited in long gas lines

to fill up their fuel tanks.

Gas is running out everywhere right now,

so I'm just a little too late trying to get it, I guess.

GARY LANE: The latest storm track

shows Irma downgrading to a Category 4 storm,

possibly making landfall or skirting

by Florida's east coast, and then moving up to the Georgia

coast and South Carolina.

Irma could cause a great deal of damage,

just as Hurricane Harvey did when it flooded parts of Texas.

That would mean more disaster relief spending

from Washington, where President Trump struck

a deal with Democrats Wednesday to raise the government's debt

ceiling, a deal that included relief

funding to help after Harvey.

And as it did before Harvey, OB is busy

preparing for a potential disaster in Florida.

Truckloads of water and food supplies

are now being staged at its Ocala, Florida warehouse.

And that means Operation Blessing volunteers

are ready to move into action whenever and wherever Hurricane

Irma makes landfall.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

With us now is the head of Operation Blessing, Bill Horan.

This Irma is coming.

Are we positioned, ready to go in Florida?

Absolutely, Pat.

What do you got?

Well, we've got our distribution hub,

our storm headquarters right there in Ocala.

We've been there since September 2004.

So we've got our warehouse well stocked.

I just talked to Steve O'Grady on the phone moments ago.

We've got 12 truckloads of water,

each truckload has 35,000 bottles of water on board.

So we've got that ready and staged along

with food, diapers, hygiene stuff, all kinds of materials

and equipment.

David Darger-- David and I are going down in the morning

to Ocala.

And we'll be there before the storm comes.

And then during, we'll be well positioned

to help coordinate things after this.

How is this going to be different from Harvey?

Well, Harvey is--

Pat, I've got to tell you.

I've been seeing a lot of storms in my life, nothing

like Harvey.

And it's like a nightmare that never ends.

Every morning you get up and it's like it starts over.

All that water is coming down from North Texas.

And they're still pulling people off rooftops in some places


So it's so widespread, I've never seen anything like it

in my life.

So we expect--

I think the flooding, by far, is the worst

thing that's happened to Texas.

It's going to be the wind and, of course, the water

on the ocean front, this tide surge--

You know, I was there, as I say,

the big one that hit Florida a few years ago that

was so devastating.

They had, actually, tornadoes inside of the hurricane.

And they went up to 210 miles an hour.

And it just ripped everything to pieces.

And that's what Irma's supposed to do.

They say it's so we can't even conceive

of anything that enormous.

They say the eye is 23 miles in diameter,

180 plus mile an hour winds for 35 hours now as of 5:00 a.m.

this morning.

Imagine the amount of water that's pushing, Pat.

I mean, that's so flat down there, it's--

we really need to pray for the people of Florida.

Puerto Rico, part of it may be without power

for as much as four to six months.

Well, of course, they're bankrupt, you know.

And Zika is all over the place, mosquitoes.

Mentioning mosquitoes, when we were down in Rockport

on Saturday, with 870 volunteers helping homeowners down there,

mosquitoes were swarming.

Man, I mean they were thirsty.

They were biting everybody.

So you got all that going on in Puerto Rico.

And there's no telling.

Now fortunately, the storm clocked

a couple of degrees north, so they didn't get the full brunt,

it looks like.

I'm sure--

Where is it going?

Do we know the track yet of Irma?

Well, the big thing is where and when is it

going to make its turn north.

And there's all the tracks, those spaghetti tracks,

and all that.

It's still looking like it's going to barrel right

into the Keys and.

Into South Florida, Miami, and that area.

But it could be over in the interior of the state.

And heaven help them if it does that.

It would be like splitting the goalposts

and both coasts will get it.

But it could turn sooner, it could turn later.

Is there any chance that it could jump into the Gulf,

you think?

There's about a 10% chance, they're saying.

And again, it's all depending on when it pivots and goes north.

So boy, that would be something if it comes back into the Gulf.

This is a Category 5.

It's the biggest one, I think, to come off the Atlantic

in the history of America.

What do you think?

I mean, these are disasters of biblical proportions,

one after the other, like body blows to the United States.

Yeah, I don't know, Pat.

I don't spare a lot of fuel wondering why.

We're just kind of living day by day now.

But just think.

It formed in the Atlantic to that intensity

and now it's in the Caribbean, it's even warmer water.

So they're hoping it'll back off to a four

by the time it gets to Florida, but it could crank right back

up to five.

You know, Operation Blessing has been--

well, it's been recognized along the way.

But there was a special gift that Operation Blessing

got the other day to help in this disaster relief.

You want to talk about it?

Well, we were honored to be one

of 12 recipients of cash from the President

and his wife, personal money.

And we just feel very--

we're very pleased with that, and very honored

that the president thinks that much of Operation Blessing.

It was nice.

He gave a million dollars of his own money, didn't he?

Yeah, he sure did.

He put his money where his mouth is.

$25,000 going to Operation Blessing.

Yes, sir.

That's nice.

What are you going to do with it?

Well, we'll put it to good use.

I guarantee you that.


You're doing a great job.

You've got the volunteers ready to go.

And well they be able to move in Florida?

I mean, can-- will the roads will

be so jammed they can't move?

There was a problem in Texas just

getting through all that water.

Yeah, that's going to be one of the big challenges, Pat,

is logistics, traffic jams.

And there's just no telling what's going to happen there.

We're as prepared as you can be.

Right now we have served--

are serving or have served 10 different communities in Texas.

That whole coast, all the way from Lockport,

all the way over to Port Arthur and in between,

we're making cash grants to the real action oriented

churches that are really helping the folks over there.

We've got truckloads of food and water going down there.

Jody's down there with our team, we're

running volunteer operations in three different communities

right now.

So here comes Irma, but we're as ready as we can be.


Bill Horan, ladies and gentlemen,

for Operation Blessing.

If you want to participate, they need your money.

They need help.

And it's easy to remember, Operation Blessing.

Emergency relief effort, it's CBN Center Virginia

Beach, Virginia, 23463, or you can call on the telephone.

And the phone is so easy to remember.

It's 700-7000, 700-7000.

But this is one of the great charities, frankly.

It's one of the most efficient, if not

perhaps the most efficient in the nation.

And I'm just really thrilled.

Bill, you're doing a terrific job.

God bless you, man.

Thank you, Pat.

And God bless you.

Well, in other news, reforming the tax code

and cutting tax rates are still among the biggest issues

in Washington.

Republicans say they believe they

can pass a plan that will bring more jobs and more prosperity

to America, and it will strengthen the economy.

Our Abigail Robertson has that story.

Republicans in the House, Senate, and White House

are forging ahead on tax reform, promising

to simplify the tax code in a way that provides

relief for all Americans.

Our tax code is a giant, self-inflicted economic wound.

We need tax reform that is pro-growth, pro-jobs,

pro-worker, pro-family, and yes, pro-American.

ABIGAIL ROBINSON: President Trump's daughter

Ivanka is also getting actively involved

in the administration's push to reform the tax code.

She spoke to a group of pro-family advocates

this week alongside members of Congress

to discuss ways to take care of the needs of families

by expanding the child tax credit.

It is very important to the president

and this administration that this is really

a tax cut for the middle class and for working families.

One of the ways we can deliver a tax cut

is through a more generous child tax credit.

This administration is pushing for the largest child tax

credit possible.

ABIGAIL ROBINSON: Ralph Reed, president of the Faith

and Freedom Coalition, is a strong supporter of increasing

the child tax credit.

He says he helped President George W. Bush double it

to $1,000 16 years ago.

But it has not been increased since.

We think it's time.

We think it's a heck of a lot more effective for America's

children to let those mothers and fathers keep

the money that it is to send it to Washington

and let bureaucrats and politicians decide

how to spend the money.

ABIGAIL ROBINSON: Grover Norquist, a long time advocate

of tax reform, says it's time to get rid of many of the problems

in the current tax code.

Economic growth, creating more jobs, is terribly important.

But then also going through the code

and taking out both inefficiencies and things

that are special breaks for some industry or some group,

getting rid of those.

And making sure that families are a central part

of what we worry about.

ABIGAIL ROBINSON: Norquist says he's pleased

that Republicans in the White House

and both houses of Congress seem to be unified on the tax plan.

The good news is Paul Ryan told me

that they're in 97% agreement, the House, the Senate,

and the White House.

So now it's just a question of we

know the ingredients that are going in,

just how much of each.

Republicans seem confident they

will deliver on their goal of meaningful tax reform

by the end of this year.

Reporting from Washington, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Thanks, Abigail.

Wonderful report.

Folks, if there's ever any reason

to write your Congressman, now is it.

We need tax reform.

The small businesses need it.

And the President is talking about doing away with the death

tax so that family farms can be passed

on to the next generation and small businesses

can be assisted, people who file, you know, for S-corps

and so forth.

These are small businesses.

And there's so many of them.

These are the job creators of America,

much more than the great big corporations.

And the little guys need a hand.

And this is a tax cut for the middle class.

It's a tax cut for small businesses.

A tax cut that is urgently needed

to make us competitive with the rest of the world.

And there's no reason--

I mean, if somebody stands in the way of that,

there's something wrong with them.

And your Congressman needs to understand that you

are concerned about it.

And if you write your congressman,

if you're on the telephone talking to your Congressman,

you know, there's the number.

It's real easy to remember, 202-224-3121.

And that's the number, the Capitol switchboard.

Call, and say, look, it's time for tax relief

for the American people.

The tax code is a disgrace.

You remember, Jimmy Carter said it's

a disgrace to the human race.

Kind of a Georgia colloquialism, but that's what he said.

It is a disgrace.

And it's time it gets reformed.

And now you've got a president, you've

got two houses of Congress that seem to be on board.

And there's nothing-- we should not

allow of a small group of naysayers to stand in the way.

It's time to get this deal done for the good of America.


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