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'Get Out Now!' Hurricane Irma Threatens Historic Disaster for Florida

'Get Out Now!' Hurricane Irma Threatens Historic Disaster for Florida Read Transcript

CHARLENE AARON: Hurricane Irma has

moved within striking distance of South Florida

where residents are boarding up homes, grabbing

dwindling supplies of bottled water,

and battling fuel shortages, seeking

to get out of harm's way.

I'm very scared.

So I'm just trying to get as far north as possible.

Well, we want to get to higher ground.

CHARLENE AARON: Florida's governor

is stressing the powerful storm could be a historic disaster

and residents should listen to mandatory evacuations.

Remember, Hurricane Andrew is one of the worst

storms in history of Florida.

This storm is much worse.

Irma is likely to move up along the East Coast of Florida

with a potential threat to Georgia

and the Carolina's, after doing serious damage

throughout islands in the Caribbean.

Irma is the strongest hurricane ever recorded

in the Atlantic Ocean.

With 170 mile per hour winds, it devastated

small northern Caribbean islands like, St. Martin and Barbuda.

The entire country has been decimated.

Probably the worst time in all my life.

And I would not want to stay in a hurricane like this again.

We were praying the whole time.

How are we going to survive after this?

CHARLENE AARON: In Puerto Rico, the storm

left nearly a million people without power

and it could be four to six months in some areas

before it's restored.

And here, in the US, the National Weather Service

warns that some locations hit by Irma

could be uninhabitable for weeks or months

due to powerful winds, and that structural damage to buildings,

with many washing away, is possible in some coastal areas.

Major preparations are underway.

In addition to Florida, the governor of Georgia

declared a state of emergency for his state's Atlantic coast.

And the governors of South and North Carolina

have declared states of emergency.

There's no gas, there's no water.

The grocery stores are empty.

They have security guards and police at Home Depot,

they're rioting for plywood down there.

It's crazy.

CHARLENE AARON: But Florida is the main state in Irma's path

where huge numbers of people are evacuating and getting

ready for the monster storm.

And CBN's, Operation Blessing has

been stocking up for its relief and humanitarian aid, as well.

Our team spent the day moving in semi-truckloads of water

into our hurricane headquarters located in Ocala, Florida.

At that warehouse, it is packed full

of emergency food, supplies, water, personal hygiene items,

so that once Irma moves out and the roads are safe to go in,

Operation Blessing semi-trucks will

begin to roll out to the hardest hit communities,

providing them life-sustaining resources.

CHARLENE AARON: And so Operation Blessing

is getting ready to be on the scene

when people need them the most.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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