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Praying For Your Needs: September 8, 2017

Gordon and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Here's a story from Spring, Texas.

Esosa suffered from migraine headaches

for more than 14 years.

Her mother was watching The 700 Club last month,

and heard Terry give a word of knowledge.

Esosa's mother told her about the word,

so she watched the program online and then

heard Terry say, "There is someone--

you have chronic headaches.

I mean, it's the life interrupting.

You have to cancel work sometimes,

and you are even nauseated from them.

You've had them for years, but today is your day.

God is healing you.

Just lift up your hands and receive it.

The headache you have right now is

going to be gone immediately, and that is how you're

going to know this is you."

Well, Esosa received the word of knowledge,

and she has had no headaches since--

14 years-- watching online.


God works miracles.

He really does.

This is Valerie from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She started having degeneration in her spine in 2006.

She's had increasing pain in her spine and tailbone since then.

She was watching this program last July.

And, Gordon, you gave this word.

"Someone, you've got deteriorating vertebrae

in your spine.

You're just losing calcium and losing the cushioning

between the vertebrae.

You're in constant pain.

God is able to restore, so he's restoring bone to you now.

He's restoring cartilage to you.

He's restoring all of the things that you need

to be pain free in Jesus' name.

Now do what you couldn't do before.

You couldn't rotate that spine without pain.

Do it now, and just see what God has done for you.

He's releasing it now."

Well, immediately the pain in Valerie's spine and tailbone

was gone.

She has not had a problem since then.

Praise God.

You can trust in him.

You can trust in him.

Realize he is your very present help in time of need.

And if you have a need right now, let's just go to him,

and let's pray.

And let's believe God.

Let's believe his word and receive it.

Lord, we just lift people to you right now.

And Lord we specifically lift those who have anxiety,

those who have concerns, worry that is plaguing them.

And Lord, we just ask that the peace that

passes all understanding would guard them right now

and be the peace for their spirit for their mind,

for their whole being.

Lord God, come and give us peace.

We see so much in the world today that's causing trouble.

We ask for your peace.

In your peace, we are able to say to storms peace be still.

So, Lord, give us that.

And now stretch forth your hand to do miracles

for your children, for this is the children's bread.

We just ask for miracle, healing power now, in Jesus' name.

There's someone, you've had a severe injury

to your right arm.

It's affected everything from the bicep to the elbow

to the forearm, and God is just able

and he is healing it right now.

And that tremendous pain you have in your bicep

is just leaving you now, it's just being lifted off of you.

Lift that hand to the Lord right now, and just receive

complete and total healing.

Someone else here, but a very strange condition.

And it has to do with warts, and they just have--

you know, it's painful for you to walk, it's painful for you

to find the right shoes.

You've tried everything to get rid of these things.

They're not gone, but today is your day.

Just receive it.

God is totally taking out of your system

whatever it is that's created that condition to flourish

like it has in your body.

And just receive that healing right now,

and rejoice in the Lord.

And someone else, you have some kind of a chronic--

like a sinus condition.

It's so bad that they're talking to you about actually

drilling up into your sinuses.

God is healing that.

All that drainage and that blockage is coming out.

Just take a breath now.

What you couldn't do before, do now.

Breathe in and breathe out.

You have been healed in Jesus' name.

Someone else with a chronic condition

in the eyes, recurring eye infections, and hearing,

and just gunk that comes under your eyes.

God is taking all of that away.

He's giving you normal eyes, a normal reaction,

normal fluid from your eyelids, in Jesus' name.

There's someone else.

Your name is Sylvia.

You heard the word about the migraine headaches,

and you're saying, can you say something about migraines?

And I'm not just saying something about migraines,

I'm saying it directly to you Sylvia, you're healed.

Now, God has heard your cry.

In Jesus' name, be healed and be restored now.

Lord, we thank you.

We thank you for the miracles that you do.

We thank you for the peace that you give us.

We thank you for all that you've done for us.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

And Amen.

If you've been healed, if you've been touched,

we want to share your good report.

So give us a call 1-800-700-7000.

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