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Tough Choice: Food or Gas

Erika, a single mom, wanted her son Jeremiah to have a God-centered education, so she decided to homeschool him while working two jobs to make ends meet. But often she had to choose between food and gas for work. Erika found the help she needed ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Erica and her son, Jeremiah love spending time

being active together.

I work at a gym and I teach gymnastics,

and so I guess it was kind of natural that he picked it up.

He actually started competing last year and so far, so good

NARRATOR: Erica decided to home-school

her son so he could keep his education centered on God.

My mom loves me a lot and I love my mom a lot.

I love being home-schooled because my mom can teach me.

Everything he learns, pretty much comes from God's word.

We're at church many times a week

and there's never a complaint from Jeremiah

about going to church.

He is always excited and ready to go.

I do love Jesus and I love Him because He loves me,

and He died on the cross for my sins.

It's a real blessing to know that the Lord is working

in his heart and in his life.

NARRATOR: She works long hours to provide for her son.

I'm a single mom.

I have to work two jobs to make ends meet.

I work for Chesapeake Parks and Recreation,

I teach preschool classes, and then

I also work for Hurricane Gymnastics,

where I'm a gymnastics coach.

Finances are very tight, it definitely is a struggle.

NARRATOR: Erika said her faith in God sustains her.

There has been many, many nights after Jeremiah

goes to bed, I'm just in my room on my knees.

I take that opportunity to spend time with God

and to give my burdens to him.

NARRATOR: When the bills have piled up,

she's made some tough choices.

Many times I've had to say, OK, either

we're going to eat today or we're going to have gas

to get to work today.

And usually when it comes down to it,

I have to choose gas because if I don't go to work then

there is no other income coming in.

It's hard when you realize food in the cabinet

is kind of running out and there is no money in the bank account

to buy more food to replace it.

NARRATOR: When a friend at church

told Erica about Operation Blessing partner, House

of Blessing, she knew God had answered her prayers.

I've been helped greatly.

To know that my son doesn't have to go hungry.

To sit down and share my story with somebody who cares,

and then for them to pray with me--

I not only leave with my trunk full of groceries--

I leave with my spirit renewed and my heart full of love.

NARRATOR: Having that prayer support

and being able to put food on the table

has lifted a heavy burden.

I just want to thank everybody who gives and sacrifices

what they have to give to Operation Blessing so that,

not just my family, but so many families can be helped

and blessed by this ministry.

Not only are you helping to feed our families,

but you're feeding our spirits, you're

helping people experience God's love firsthand.

Thank you for giving to Operation Blessing

and blessing my family.


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