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Hooked on Superbook!

They’re hooked on Superbook. Cliff and Bri and their four kids, ages 2 to 7, can’t get enough of CBN’s animated Bible adventures. Mom and Dad give the DVDs as presents, and even donated a set to their local library. What do they enjoy ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Bree and Cliff Patterson and their kids

love Superbook.

Bree likes to share Superbook with friends and family

whenever she gets the opportunity.

Giving extra copies as gifts for kids with their birthday

presents, we'll slip them into their gift bag.

Or when kids have come to trick or treat before,

we'll pass them out that way.

But I decided to take a couple to our local library,

and they put them into, actually,

the county's circulation system.

So now, kids all across the county

can be exposed to Superbook.

NARRATOR: Three out of four Patterson kids

look forward to Superbook movie night on Fridays.

The youngest isn't quite ready yet.

The kids like Superbook because they

think it's always really funny.

They're always laughing.

Even my two-year-old will laugh at the funny things he does.

The dad said, don't go in there and get that jet pack,

and he just went in there.

I like the songs.

Sometimes, there's songs on there.

And I like the questions.

NARRATOR: Their favorite part is the explorer DVD,

the interactive portion of the episode.

Or Shelby puts it,

It's a DVD that surprises you with a DVD

that you didn't even have yet.

You draw all the characters that was in there.

We were drawing Queen Esther.

NARRATOR: Cliff and Bree have been

sharing Superbook with their kids

since Hannah, their oldest, was two.

It just spurs great conversation.

And it prepares their hearts for what

is the real, what's the truth.

And that's what I'm passionate about is the truth.

I want them to always be able to come to me

and know they're going to get the truth.

And that's why Superbook is a great tool for us as a family,

because I feel that it is definitely grounded in truth

and biblical knowledge.

I choose CBN to support because I

trust their integrity.

I trust the vision that God has given them.

It makes me want to cry.

And I am just so thankful for the fact

that they are raising up the next generation with Superbook.

They are helping to lay a foundation for generations.

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