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Only His Children Ate

Santos lost his wife to cancer and raises three children alone. A good and caring father, he would turn down a job if he couldn’t bring his family with him. But life was a constant struggle. Sometimes he wouldn’t eat so the kids would have ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Santos became a single parent of three

after his wife passed away from cancer.

Eight-year-old Andrea is the oldest.

One day my dad bought tortillas and bread but only

the kids ate.

He didn't eat.

NARRATOR: Santos had sold everything

to pay for his wife's medical care.

Now he was forced to move around looking for a place

to live and to work.

He always takes us with him so we are safe.

When someone wanted to hire me to work in the field,

I said I had to take my children with me because I cannot leave

them alone.

NARRATOR: Santos finally found a place

to live in exchange for caring for a landowners cow.

But he needed a more steady income for food and medicine.

After Operation Blessing met the family,

we gave them some emergency food.

Then we built in the chicken coop

and gave them 200 chickens to raise and sell.

SANTOS: They gave me a chicken farm.

I couldn't believe it.

I help him to feed the chickens and give them water.

I now make $100 to $150 a month from the chicken farm.

ANDREA: He sells the chickens and we're not hungry any more.

We feel so happy.

And we also give thanks to God.


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