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Caught in the crossfire of War

Bombs and gunfire shattered the quiet world of Igor and Ninel. The Ukraine-Russia conflict forced this Jewish family to flee Donetsk to start a new life in Israel. They didn’t speak Hebrew and felt overwhelmed by the transition to an empty, ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: When Russia invaded Donetsk, Ukraine,

the Boson family found themselves

in the middle of the fight.

It happened all at once, with soldiers

running through the streets and machine guns firing.

It was like a nightmare.

We had no choice but to leave this place

to protect our two daughters.

I could hear the bombs at the edge of Donetsk.

I was scared for my whole family.

I thought about our daughter's futures,

and then dreamt of holding my grandchildren one day.

So we ran.

NARRATOR: Iger and Anell quickly loaded two suitcases

with what they could, and fled the city with their daughters.

The Bosons are Jewish, and immigrated to Israel.

We had no idea what it would be like starting

a new life in Israel.

We couldn't speak the language, and we

moved into an empty apartment with nothing.

NARRATOR: With no money to buy furniture or appliances,

the family was in dire need.

We lost faith.

I felt like a motherless child.

NARRATOR: Then Anell met a man in her Hebrew class

who told her CBN Israel could help.

She contacted us, and we gave the family

a brand new refrigerator, stove, and washing machine.

People in the community helped them find some free furniture.

Now, we feel like we are protected, and at home here.

Thanks to you, we feel like somebody cares about us.

Before we came here, I didn't know CBN Israel existed,

or that you would simply give us everything we needed.

NARRATOR: Both Iger and Anell are working now,

and the girls are doing well in school.

Because of CBN Israel, the Bosons

have gotten a fresh start.

I want to say thanks to all those

who are helping not only us, but others in need.

You said, a very good example for how people are supposed

to care for each other.

Thank you very much.

You do not just give financial support,

but hope to people who are starting over with nothing.

Everything will be OK now.

I believe we have a good future.


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