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CBN Conrtributing Correspondent Chuck Holton is in Miami.

CBN Conrtributing Correspondent Chuck Holton is in Miami. Read Transcript

On the ground in Miami is CBN Contributing

Correspondent Chuck Holton.

Chuck, it's a little under 48 hours until the storm hits.

What's being done to prepare?

Can they really prepare?

Well, the preparations have pretty much been made.

We're seeing some last minute people putting up

plywood over their windows.

Shopkeepers especially tried to kind of stay open

until the last minute, especially

those that had anything perishable in their stores.

I talked to one man that owned a butcher shop, who was really

hoping that people would come and buy whatever steaks

he had left, because he didn't have a generator

and he knew the power was going to go out.

And so, that probably was going to--

everything was going to be spoiled

by the time he got back.

Other shopkeepers know that they'll probably

have to be closed for several days afterwards,

so they're trying to get as much business as they can now.

Bottom line is anybody who is going to leave has left.

At this point, they're saying don't even

try to leave if you're still here.

It's time to hunker down, find a shelter,

and ride this storm out.

Well, what are most officials worried about from this storm?

Well, what they're worried about

is that it's so much larger than other storms that

have done just so much damage.

When you look back at 1992 and Hurricane Andrew,

and the damage that it did to Florida,

it was about 400 miles across.

And it went straight across the state.

And was over the state of Florida for about four hours.

They're saying that this storm could very easily be

over the state for 24 hours and it's 650 miles across

with stronger winds.

Not only that, but since 1992, there are a lot more people

in South Florida.

Something like six million more people.

And therefore, a lot more to damage.

We've talked to some people who were unable to get out.

Just did not have the wherewithal to leave.

They didn't have a vehicle and didn't

have the money to get out.

And they're living in kind of a lower class area in town.

And those are the people we're most worried about,

especially those that are further south.

What's happening-- well, you've been talking with people

on the street.

What's going on with the people there?

What are they saying?

Well, Floridians are tough bunch, and most of them

have been through hurricanes before.

They're not running around with their hair on fire.

They have made the preparations they're going to make.

They're doing a couple of last minute things but.

I was down-- I'm down here the waterfront.

I was at a restaurant a minute ago called The Twisted Tuna.

And there were people sitting around drinking beer.

They've already made their preparations.

They're going to enjoy one last cold one before the storm hits,

and then just go ride it out.

What's happening with the weather?

Are you seeing any signs of the hurricane yet?

Well, we are.

The wind has not really come up yet.

And you can see, it's bright and sunny.

But it's got that oppressive mugginess that you

feel before a rainstorm comes.

Not only that, St. Lucy River behind me

is a very kind of disturbing shade of chocolate brown.

It's something I haven't seen before.

And the locals say that the water level here has already

come up about a foot and a half, just

in that storm surge beginning.

There are storm surge warnings further south telling people

to get to shelter immediately in Miami.

Because they're talking about 7 to 10 feet very soon.


Well Chuck, how can we be praying for the people

of Florida right now?

I think the best thing to pray in times like this--

I just came from Houston, you know?

And the thing that really struck me there

is just how people cry out to God when they have nothing else


And there's going to be a lot of people

after the storm goes by that have lost

what they think is everything.

But I think that our prayers should

be that they will cry out to God,

and that having everything all the stuff taken away

will help them get to know God, and His presence, and His love

only that much stronger.

Well, we will be praying.

Chuck Holton, thanks for joining us.

Glad to be here.


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