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News on The 700 Club: September 11, 2017

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Welcome to The 700 Club.

Irma weakened to a tropical storm this morning.

It hit Florida hard Sunday as a major hurricane,

more than 400 miles wide.

Well, today, people are just beginning

to recover from this massive storm.

CBN's Operation Blessing was on the scene in Florida

before Irma arrived, so it could be prepared

to help those who need it.

Gary Lane brings us the story from Ocala, Florida.

GARY LANE: Irma made US landfall Sunday morning

as a Category 4 hurricane.

It moved from the Florida Keys on to the Florida mainland

near Marco Island and Naples.

Flooding from storm surge and spin off

tornadoes on both coasts were the greatest threats.

And as Hurricane Irma moved in, tens of thousands of Floridians

sought refuge in shelters like this one at a school in Ocala.

Operation Blessing International's Bill Horan

and David Darg wasted little time

providing help to those who needed it.

We caught up with them loading and delivering

relief to evacuees sheltered at Vanguard High School.

BILL HORAN: This particular shelter

is a high school that is a dog-friendly environment.

So you got 1,100 people there and there's probably 400 dogs.

We identified ourselves and he said, oh, Operation Blessing.

I've seen your trucks out on 24th street.

Because we've got this warehouse we're standing in here.

And we said, is there anything that you need at the shelter

that you don't have?

What do you need?

And he said, what I really need is some snacks.

Have you got any snacks?

GARY LANE: A lot of kids there.

BILL HORAN: Lots of kids and even--

it's just--

GARY LANE: I like snacks.

Don't you?

I do, too.

It may not be health food, but we all

like snacks, and especially when you're sleeping

on the floor in a high school.

GARY LANE: OBI also delivered cases of bottled drinking

water and sugar-free Powerade.

Troy Sanford is the principal of the high school.

It's a wonderful opportunity in order

to make sure that they just can sit back and take a deep breath

and relax.

And have that snack, have that bottle of water,

have that Powerade.

GARY LANE: Horan says Operation Blessing's strike

force is ready to deliver more extensive help later this week.

BILL HORAN: Once the storm comes and goes,

we can help send those trucks to those ministries

that we have strong relationships with

and the places that really need it the worse.

So Operation Blessing isn't waiting

until Hurricane Irma passes to offer help

to people in Florida.

They're helping refugees, evacuees,

that are actually living in schools and other shelters

in the state.

And then, once the hurricane does pass,

that's when the real work will begin.

Well, Gary Lane joins us now live from Orlando.

Gary, what are the conditions there today?

Well, Gordon, here in Orlando, the wind has died down.

Tropical force.

I'd say wind gusts about 45, 50 miles per hour.

But the real concern is north Florida,

which is still getting hammered a bit, and also storm surge.

And there have been some spin off tornadoes, as well.

But it looks like the worst of this damage

will be around Naples, Marco Island, and even possibly Fort

Myers, where it came ashore.

But for the other parts of Florida, I think prayer worked.

A lot of people were praying.

And it looks like that had an effect.

Because this storm could have been much, much worse.

While you're there with Operation Blessing,

what are their plans for today and the rest of the week?

GARY LANE: Well, they can't really

go anywhere right now today, because there's

a curfew in place until about 6:00 p.m.

So authorities are urging people to stay off the roads.

They have to assess.

Only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roadways.

I think, in many places, that ends around 6:00 p.m.

So once that's over with, they can assess

where the greatest needs are.

They have a network of pastors in place

throughout Florida and churches.

And they know their communities, Gordon.

They know where the greatest needs are.

And OB has a strike force.

Many trucks all ready.

350,000 bottles of water, by the way, ready to go,

and other supplies where needed.

So we'll be bringing that to you later in the week.

All right, Gary.

We look forward to it.

Thank you.

If you're a member of The 700 Club,

that's your gifts in action as we're

preparing to provide hurricane relief

to the people in Florida.


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