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How to Stop Losing Sleep Over Finances

Feeling out of control in their finances, Steve and Janet were losing sleep. With a $60,000 debt, they found a solution they knew wouldn’t fail. Discover what it was and how it can help you too. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Within months of meeting Steve Sawyer,

Janet knew she'd met her match.

Steve was almost everything on her wish list.

He loved God, owned his own business,

and liked nice things.

We love to golf.

We love to go away.

We love to go out to eat.

NARRATOR: So the two married, and didn't

think twice about their financial situation

or what their lifestyle might cost them.

I just met the love of my life.

I wasn't going to put the brakes on my life.

NARRATOR: But not too long after the honeymoon,

money became a big issue in their marriage.

That's when she started asking questions about, well,

what is this bill?

How much do you owe?

NARRATOR: Steve had credit card bills

and owed back taxes from before marriage.

He was also $3,000 short on payroll.

Janet wasn't used to living in debt to support her lifestyle.

I paid my bills.

I paid my credit card.

Everything was always on time.

I had quite a few years of haphazard living,

no financial principles whatsoever.

NARRATOR: Unable to live the way they wanted to

on their combined income, the Sawyers were soon $60,000

in debt.

I was feeling very out of control with the finances.

And there were nights where I couldn't sleep,

It was bothersome.

And it was very hard because my husband

and I didn't communicate that well when it came to finances.

It was more just me shutting down or getting

to a place of avoidance.

NARRATOR: Janet prayed, and also convinced Steve to finally see

an accountant.

He was at the point where something had to be done.

I was just like, we can't be living this way.

It was a place of vulnerability for me to say,


No longer will I hide behind the pride of,

I'll fix whatever's wrong.

NARRATOR: The accountant gave the soldiers

a financial plan that included debt reduction,

practical business management.

And even though they were tithing at church,

advised them to start giving even more

to see how God would respond.

Did it make sense?

Probably not to most.

But it made sense to me to the point

where I could fully commit and know the Lord wouldn't fail me.

NARRATOR: Soon, Steve was given a $75,000 roofing

contract out of the blue.

Janet started getting consistent raises and promotions.

The two were also blessed in other ways.

We had a couple that paid our mortgage one month.

STEVE SAWYER: The more we increased

in our giving, the more abundance of God's provision.

It was beautiful to be able to see things like that happen,

knowing that God had our backs when He had our hearts.

NARRATOR: Steve and Janet paid off their $60,000 debt

while they increased what they gave at church each year,

and became CBN partners.

The Sawyers encourage others to stop living on debt,

and give instead.

Walk in faith, not in fear, and I

believe you'll be able to see the glory of God on your life.

Tithing and giving may not be the first thing on your radar

when you're in debt.

But as Christians, we need to believe and rely

on the biblical principles God has set forth for us.

Test Him on this, with a right heart,

and with an expecting heart.


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