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Only Dirty Water to Drink

Life was unimaginable for Teko and her children. Her impoverished Ugandan village had an unreliable water supply, far away and fouled by animals. Without clean water for washing and cooking, things got dirty and the kids got sick. How could ... ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Many days, Tako walks four miles

to the river to fetch water.


INTERPRETER: One day, animals trampled the water.

I was so thirsty and too weak to look further.

So I drank it, but I couldn't give it to my children.

They fell asleep crying.

NARRATOR: With barely enough water to drink,

growing crops is practically impossible.

When there's nothing else, people

gather tree leaves to eat.

INTERPRETER: We don't eat it all.

I save some for later.

Without water, everything is dirty.

My children are always sick.

Sometimes, they cough up blood.

I wonder why God gave me my children.

I would rather suffer alone than see them suffer.

NARRATOR: Tako works hard every day

to provide for her children.

She and many others cut grass to sell in the market.

But after cutting and bundling the grass,

and walking sometimes 5 miles or more to the market,

a woman can expect to sell one bundle for about $0.30.

That's the price of a small handful of tomatoes.

INTERPRETER: There was a day that no one

would buy the grass.

I walked all the way back home, hoping someone

would let us borrow some food.

But no one had anything.

NARRATOR: When CBN and Innovation Africa

started drilling just outside their village,

the news spread quickly.

Their search for clean water had finally ended.

That's good.

So this is just a temporary tap.

We're actually installing nine permanent taps total.

What we're doing is building a tall water tower over here.

And that's going to give us the pressure

we need to pipe water a mile in that direction

and a mile in that direction.

So 5,000 people in 3 villages are all

going to have fresh, clean water just a few steps from home.

INTERPRETER: God sent you to rescue us.

This is the first time in my life to have water this close.

Next time you visit, you will see tomatoes, onions,

and other vegetables growing for us to eat and to sell

in the market.

NARRATOR: Thanks to CBN and Innovation Africa,

Tako's family and many others now have good, nutritious food

to eat and fresh, clean water right at their fingertips.

INTERPRETER: Today, thirst is 1,000 miles away from us.

Now my children can simply walk to the tent and drink.

I can finally clean everything.

I want to thank the people of America

in the name of Jesus Christ.

May God bless all of you.


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