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“Don’t let my daughter die!”

Saira was Julio’s pride and joy. She would wake up early to kiss him good-bye. This father-daughter bond would last forever, Julio thought. Until he received the devastating news that Saira urgently needed heart surgery to save her life. But ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Saira is a daddy's girl.

Some mornings, she gets up at 4:00 AM just

to say goodbye to him.

INTERPRETER: She gives me a kiss before I go to work.

I leave thinking about my little girl.

NARRATOR: One day, while they were walking,

Saira sat down on the curb to rest.

Her breathing was labored.

Her parents wondered if she had pneumonia, which had taken

the life of her older sister.


told us that she needed surgery or else she will die.

He said it was urgent, the sooner the better.

NARRATOR: Saira suffered from a hole

in her heart, which caused problems

with circulation and breathing.

Her family prayed for her to recover,

since Julio could not afford to pay

for surgery to save her life.

INTERPRETER: I didn't have even $0.05 to pay for an operation.

One day, she found me crying and said, Daddy, don't cry.

It's going to be cured.

I cried and I held her.

I prayed that my daughter wouldn't die.

NARRATOR: When Operation Blessing

learned about Saira's condition, we took her to a hospital

where she received free open heart surgery.

INTERPRETER: Operation Blessing saved my daughter's life.

Now that she has recovered, she plays with her brother

and no longer struggles to breathe.

Thank you for changing everything for her.


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