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News on The 700 Club: September 12, 2017

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Welcome to "The 700 Club."

Hurricane Irma has left Florida, and now residents

are just beginning to figure out how much damage was done.

The huge storm left flooded homes, uprooted trees,

and broken power lines.

Millions of people may not get their electricity back

for days or even weeks, but Operation Blessing

is on the scene, helping them with food, with water,

and other basic supplies.

Gary Lane brings us the story from central Florida.

GARY LANE: When daylight arrived after the storm,

Floridians received their first glimpse

of historic storm surge and flood damage in Jacksonville.

This was the view of downtown streets by early Monday.

Parts of Miami also experienced flooding,

and in Naples more flooded neighborhoods and streets.

We got a lot of damage, a lot of clean up.

GARY LANE: Irma's powerful winds flipped an airplane over,

and damaged this senior citizens living center.

It's unbelievable.

GARY LANE: Damage in the Florida Keys, where Irma first made

US landfall, was extensive.

Houses were buried and bridges closed.

Residents tried unsuccessfully to return to their homes.

Very anxious and we're all just--

we all just want to go home and see what's going on.

GARY LANE: But some officials urged residents

to stay away and not return yet to the keys and Marco Island.

--is we have no electric.

We have no water on the island.

We're just trying to put our water up.

So those two components really create a problem

for a lot of our residents.

So we're encouraging people, if you don't have to come back

right now, don't.

And while people in southern Florida, Naples, and the Keys

were dealing with major destruction,

and also people in Jacksonville with flood waters,

and storm surge.

Here in Central Florida, people are dealing with downed trees.

And that means no electricity for millions of people.

Electric companies say 2/3 of the state lost power.

This woman summed up the situation this way.

No power.

No internet.

I mean this is-- we're living like savages.

GARY LANE: Volunteer crews from across the country

are now working overtime to restore electricity.

Many Floridians are grateful for their health.

And they're also relieved, because despite the flooding

and the damages, they know the hurricane could

have been much worse.

It was not as bad as I thought it was really going to be.

GARY LANE: Before Irma moved in, CBN's Operation Blessing

International moved out across North Central Florida,

providing relief for some of the ten of thousands of evacuees

who traveled north seeking temporary safety in school


Many left their homes and possessions

behind to the mercy of the hurricane,

but took comfort in the help provided by OB.

Here's one thing that Irma left behind,

a 20 mile per hour school zone sign,

or at least what's left of it.

Schools here can't reopen until everyone leaves the shelters.

Because people are starting to leave the shelters,

Operation Blessing strike force teams

are now moving into Jacksonville and other parts of Florida.

Monday an OB strike force truck delivered food, water,

and hygiene products to folks in Crystal River Florida.

Bill Horan was there.

The stores are closed.

The electricity is off.

There's no running water anywhere.

These folks are desperate.

They're wonderful Christian people.

And here's our Operation Blessing, a 53 foot trailer.

It's important to get food because we--

people are not able to cook.

People are not able to provide for their families

at this time.

And so for us to be able to provide these meals for people

is going to be, I think, of very vital importance.

I'm Gary Lane, CBN News, Sanford, Florida.

Well the good news, if there is good news here,

I'll just quote what the mayor of Miami said.

"We didn't just dodge a bullet, we dodged a cannon."

This could have been much worse if the storm surge had hit

as forecasted, and it's really fortunate it didn't.

Now that doesn't help the people who

are without power, the people that have lost their homes,

the people that are struggling-- you know,

how do I get enough water?

How do I get food?

How do I get shelter today?

And we're there in your name.

If you're a member of The 700 Club,

you're part of that relief effort.

So thank you for what you have done,

and how you're a part of being a part of the solution

to this terrible nightmare coming

after this immense storm.


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