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The Power of Prayer in Times of Disaster: What kind of Difference does it make?

The Power of Prayer in Times of Disaster: What kind of Difference does it make? Read Transcript

Hurricane Irma has passed and now people

are picking up the pieces, literally.

Prior to the storm, Christians across the country

were praying for those in the storm's path.

And Jay Comiskey is a prayer leader here at CBN.

And he joins us now for more.

Thanks a lot for being with us today, Jay.

My pleasure to be here.

So here's the conversation we've

been having in the newsroom, so many people were praying

for Irma's specifically, and it really seems that the storm was

not at all as severe as many meteorologists

and forecasters had predicted.

So how do we as believers think about prayer in light of that?

Do we say we made a difference?

Or how do you look at it?

Well, I think we should absolutely

say we made a difference.

And here's the main reason, the Lord

says the effectual fervent prayer of any man or any woman

is going to accomplish much.

So I can assure you with millions of people

like you, like me, praying for our neighbors, our citizens,

our family down in Florida, it did make a big difference.

A more of a subjective way of looking at it, my wife and I

as we were watching it Saturday and Sunday, there was time

after time there was some story, there

was some situation where somebody was just saying,

oh, we're so thankful that we were protected,

or this happened, or that happened.

I think we'll be surprised how much our prayers mean

in situations like this, not to mention just our normal lives.

But in catastrophes or in hurricanes,

our prayers are making a huge difference.

Well, we did talk with Chuck Holton on the ground

today in Naples in Miami.

And he in speaking with people in those areas,

they had the sense that they were being prayed for.

So very interesting.

Yeah it is.

And again I mean, just think of yourself,

you were probably following this weekend very closely.

I mean, there's a lot of very, very encouraging stories

you hear about people.

Just reflect back on Harvey in Houston--

how many stories did you hear about people

helping people and something miraculous happening?

Or someone saying, my house was spared.

Now the thing we have to be careful of is this,

I think God answered in many wonderful ways in hurricane


But we do want to remember there's

a lot of people still hurting and we

want to continue praying.

Right, we don't want to discount that at all.


I want to show you a piece of video that we have.

It's Christians who were on the beach in Jacksonville

before the storm.


So really beautiful.

They are literally worshipping right

before they really don't know what is going to happen.

What is your take on that?

Well again, they're doing the right thing.

Remember what Jesus said in Luke 18 the first verse,

he made this comment, he said, men and women

should always pray and not lose heart.

The problem is when there's a hurricane

coming, people start getting fainthearted,

they start getting discouraged, they start getting worried.

And the Lord says do the opposite of that.

Pray, pray and ask me for help, pray and ask me for wisdom.

So these folks were demonstrating

what Christians should be doing, proactively praying.

And then as I just mentioned, we need to continue to pray.

But I just applaud brothers and sisters

who are ahead of the game praying,

knowing that God is going to hear their prayers.

Yes, so beautiful.

It is.

I want to ask you right now, of course,

like we were mentioning, there's so

many people who are in really great need,

and there's still so much to be done.

As we're thinking about praying, what kind of things

do you think we should be praying

about at this point in time?

Well, one of the things I think

we should start off right at the top.

And the Bible is very specific, let's

pray for those in authority.

So let's pray for President Trump.

Let's pray for the head of FEMA.

Let's pray for Governor Scott.

Let's pray for all the first responders.

Let's pray that these men and women get strength,

they get wisdom.

They'll be the first to tell you Heather,

they've got about 10,000 decisions to make each day.

Let's pray that the wisdom of God

will just flood into all these different decisions that

are being made about how to take care of the citizens

now that they're trying to get back to their homes

and figure out what's going on.

So we can just start with leadership.

And then let's just break it down again

to every person in Florida who's going through difficulty, let's

pray that God will comfort them, encourage them, and strengthen

them that they'll make the right decisions.

And some of the victims we know are so

overwhelmed that they can't even really pray for themselves.

Any thoughts there?

Well, I'll tell you, I know I've been through some things

in life, and you probably have to.

And when I'm down and going through a difficult situation,

I don't even feel like praying.

And that's where we need others praying

for those who are going through the difficult time.

So I'd say it's an especially appointed moment for Christians

all over the country.

Especially those of us who didn't go through hurricane

Irma or hurricane Harvey, we need

to stand in the gap for all our fellow citizens in Florida.

Again, Harvey and Houston, they're not over.

How about our friends in Cuba, in the Caribbean,

and Atlanta, and all over Georgia and South Carolina.

We need to be praying for them now while they're

going through the difficult times

and really stand in the gap for them

and ask the Lord to intervene and to help them

in this time of their difficulty.

Well, it's a sobering time.

But it's also exciting to see how the Lord is working.


And that's the takeaway we always got to realize,

the Lord says in everything give thanks

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

We don't thank God for a hurricane,

but we thank God that in the hurricanes God is working.

And he's especially working for those who are praying,


They know God is hearing those prayers.

He's answering those prayers.

And he's helping out individuals who are involved.

And another thing Heather I like to remind everybody,

whether they're in the storm or they're here,

there's a couple verses in Philippians,

the fourth chapter.

And if I could, I'd like to read this.

Go ahead.

Philippians four says don't worry about anything.

Now, think about how many anxious thoughts and worries

people in Florida must have right now.

But the Bible says don't worry about anything.

Instead pray about everything.

Tell God what you need and thank Him for all he has done.

Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds

anything you can understand.

So what I like to tell people is this, especially when you've

been in a difficult moment like all of our friends in Florida

are right now, for your worry and your anxiety, the Lord says

would you give that to me?

Give those to me in prayer and I want

to replace it with my peace.

So I was wondering, can we just pray

that for all of the individuals?


Please pray right now.

Listen, we'd like you to just join us right now

and no matter what you're going through,

if you've been through hurricane Irma,

or you've been in hurricane Harvey,

we want you to know here at CBN News we're praying for you.

But we want you right now to join us in prayer

and let's just give our concerns to the Lord

and ask him to fill us with his peace.

Father in heaven, we just thank you

that in the midst of difficulty you

are ever present help in a time of trouble.

And we all want to just say here at CBN News,

thank you Lord for how you have been intervening

in countless cases that we probably don't even

know about right now.

But Lord, we want to continue praying

for our fellow Americans in Florida, and Houston,

and in Georgia, in South Carolina.

We want to pray for the country of Cuba

and all throughout the Caribbean islands.

Lord, we're asking you right now Jesus,

to continue to intervene, and let your kingdom come,

and let your will be done in all these different places

where tragedy has struck.

We ask for your help and your comfort.

But Lord, we also want to give you

our worries and our anxieties.

And we ask right now that you fill our hearts and minds

with peace.

Knowing that you've heard our prayers,

you're going to answer our prayers Lord.

And you're going to help those who are going

through great difficulties.

We want to pray for President Trump.

We pray for Governor Scott.

We pray for all the first responders, the men and women,

All the government officials, would you

give them wisdom and just divine understanding right now.

What are the best ways Lord, to help

get our citizens back up on their feet.

We pray all these things in the wonderful name of Jesus.


Well Jay, thank you so much.

And God bless you if you in particular have been

affected by these disasters.

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