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Harvey Erases 50 Years of Memories

LeRay raised his kids here and his seven grandchildren recently played in the yard. But in a matter of hours, Hurricane Harvey turned 50 years of memories into a waterlogged pile of rubble. LeRay’s house could be salvaged and rebuilt, but ... ... Read Transcript

REPORTER: When the relentless rain of hurricane Harvey

caused catastrophic flooding in East Texas,

most victims had never seen anything like it.

I was here in this house and I've lived here for 50 years

and never have any water come even in to my yard,

much less into my house

A small steady stream flows in front of Lee Ray's curb.

But at the height of the storm, it

reached six feet in his family home where he raised his kids

and, up until a few weeks ago, hosted his seven grandchildren.

Lee Ray's son, Joseph, remembers the terrifying night when

the water wouldn't stop rising.

He didn't have much time at all, you know?

Before he knew it, it was like midway to the driveway.

Next thing he knew, it was coming up into the garage

and having to be evacuated.

Eventually the police and some people come and said,

you've got to get out.

You got a few minutes, we're going

to go see the other houses, come by and pick you up.

So I just grabbed what I could.

REPORTER: Everything left behind was destroyed.

When the flood waters receded, Operation Blessing

sprung into action.

I had no idea you guys were coming.

So seeing makes you believe.

Never lose faith.

REPORTER: Removing waterlogged carpets

and knocking out molding walls, Operation Blessing volunteers

helped turn a nightmare into a chance for renewed faith.

There's more good people than I thought there was.

I mean, it's just everybody's been so helpful here.

I'm just overwhelmed.

I can't say the right words to even

come close to expressing how grateful I am.


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