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When Superstition Hurts

When Thanvish was born with a cleft lip and palate, villagers blamed her mother because they believed an ancient superstition: “She must have been chopping vegetables during a solar eclipse while she was pregnant.” Little Thanvish had to ... ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: When Thanvish was born with a cleft lip and palate,

her parents knew their neighbors would blame them.

In our village, they say if you're pregnant and cut

vegetables during a solar eclipse,

then your child will be born with a cut on his ear,

or lip, or hand.

After she was born, my heart broke when I saw her cleft lip.

I knew she would have a hard life.

NARRATOR: Thanvish couldn't drink from a bottle,

so they fed her with a spoon.

She barely got any milk that way,

so she was always malnourished and sick.

She joked and coughed a lot and threw up the little milk

she could drink.

She had fever all the time.

It made me so sad.

NARRATOR: Thanvish's dad works as a day laborer

and could never save enough for surgery.

I considered selling myself as a bonded slave to someone.

That is the only way I could get the money for my daughter's


NARRATOR: When CBN learned about Thanvish through the hospital,

we said we would pay for the baby's surgery.

Soon, she got the operation she so desperately needed.

We were very happy.

She looked so pretty.

NARRATOR: Not long after the operation,

Thanvish was back home and eating well.

She used to be sick all the time but not anymore.

No more choking or coughing and no fever.

CBN had done so much when we were in need.

I want to say a big thank you to them.



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