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Would You Risk Your Life for Bad Water?

Ten-year-old Ly Lay and his family have always struggled to find water in their remote Cambodian village. The river was far from home, dangerous and filled with parasites. The boy decided to help his family and get water by himself, but he fell ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Ly Lay and his family have always

struggled to find water in this remote village of Cambodia.

The river where they get water is far from home.

It's also dangerous filled with parasites and bacteria.

INTERPRETER: My parents were busy working in the field.

I didn't have water to cook and clean.

So I decided to get the water myself.


Then I went under and swallowed a lot of water.

NARRATOR: An uncle hurt the boy and rescued him.

Ly Lay got really sick from falling into the river that day

and required IV's and a trip to the hospital.

INTERPRETER: Ly Lay and other children get sick all the time

from the river water.

It's hard to watch them suffer.

NARRATOR: So working through a mission

church in this predominantly Buddhist village,

CBN dug a well for Ly Lay and his family.

Now everyone has plenty of clean water whenever they need it.

INTERPRETER: I like the water from our new well.

It's cold and tastes delicious.

NARRATOR: Ly Lay and his family were

touched by CBN's act of kindness and prayed

with the missionary pastor to become Christians.

INTERPRETER: Thank you for bringing clean water

to our family.


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