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“Let My Little Sister Live!”

YaQi’s big brother called her his little angel. They were inseparable. When she was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition, her brother quit school and started working to save her. She was hospitalized for 50 days, but had to leave ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Zhenguang is his little sister, YaQi's, biggest


ZHENGUANG: YaQi completes our family.

She's like an angel, a gift from God.

YAQI: And I am the luckiest girl in the whole world

to have a brother who loves me so much.

NARRATOR: ZhenGuang always gave YaQi treats and even played

with her and her dolls when she asked him to.

Then YaQi started having trouble breathing.

JIN WONG'S FATHER: She put her hands on her chest

and said, dad, I can't walk.

NARRATOR: It turned out that YaQi had a fatal heart disease.

ZHENGUANG: I will never forget the news.

It felt like heaven was falling from the sky.

MRS. GUO: She wouldn't didn't eat

and her face was always pale.

We stayed at one hospital for 50 days,

but had to leave because we didn't have money for surgery.

I wished I could die in her place.

NARRATOR: YaQi got so weak that she couldn't go outside.

ZHENGUANG: I tried to take her for a walk,

but she just fell to the ground.

Another time, she was as white as a ghost and she looked dead.

YAQI: It felt like my heart was bleeding,

like someone hit my heart.

NARRATOR: ZhengGuang quit school to farm

and then got construction work in the city

to help save money for surgery.

ZHENGUANG: My body ached.

I only made $6 a day and missed being at home with my sister,

but I knew I had to keep working to help save YaQi's life.

NARRATOR: The whole family refused to give up hope.

MR. GUO: The only thing I could do was pray.

ZHENGUANG: When I was home, I read the Bible to YaQi

and asked Jesus to please help her.

NARRATOR: Then a friend told the was about to CBN

and we set up heart surgery for YaQi.

ZHENGUANG: When I heard CBN would help,

I knew the Lord had answered my prayers.

My little angel has changed so much.

YAQI: Now, I'm so happy.

I can run, and jump, and pick flowers with my big brother.

MR. GUO: My daughter is healed.

MRS. GUO: It's all because of the love of Christ.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, CBN.



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