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Punished for Carrying Water

Annu's mother had polio as a child, and she has trouble walking the 2-mile round trip to fetch water. So, Annu is a big help. The problem is that it takes so long, and it's so hard to get water, Annu can't make it to school on time. Plus, she ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Every day Anu has a lot of extra chores

around the house.

Her mother had polio as a little girl, and needs the help.

ANU THROUGH INTERPRETER: I feel sad for my mother.

I do all the work I can for her.

But sometimes I just want to play with other children.

NARRATOR: Collecting water for the family

is a big task for Anu.

She walks two miles round trip.

ANU THROUGH INTERPRETER: Every morning and every evening,

I must get water from the open well.

The water is heavy for me.

And my hands and legs hurt a lot.

NARRATOR: It takes so long and it's so hard to get water,

Anu can't make it to school on time.


And the teacher punishes me.

Sometimes she doesn't let me in the school.

NARRATOR: Anu and her family are Christian.

They ask Jesus daily for a solution

to their water problem.

When CBN found out about the village through a local pastor,

we quickly dug a well there.

Now, everyone in the village has clean water close to home.

ANU THROUGH INTERPRETER: It's so easy for me to get water.

My hands and legs don't hurt anymore.

I get to school on time, and I even

have time to play with my friends.

Thank you CBN, for giving us this well.


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