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Harvey Recovery Continues, Operation Blessing on the Ground in Texas

Harvey Recovery Continues, Operation Blessing on the Ground in Texas Read Transcript

The toll down there has just been devastating.


It's just been devastating.

--just the images that you see.

I don't know if any of you are watching from Florida,

but if you are, our hearts and our prayers are with you.

My goodness.

Key West.

Key West-- all of the Keys just decimated.



Was it 90% of the homes in Key West

either damaged or destroyed?

Were damaged, yes.

I think the death toll now is at 23 in Florida, Georgia,

and South Carolina, I believe.

My goodness gracious.

So the devastation from this storm just unreal.

And Harvey as well, just in the Houston area--

They're cleaning up in Texas, for sure.

--hit so hard, yes.

Well, that brings us to Texas where John Jessup, he is live.

He's not in Houston.

He's about an hour and a half east in Port Arthur.

John, how's it going there?

Hey Jenna, hey David.

I'm doing well.

We are in Port Arthur.

We've had teams in Beaumont earlier this week, in Rockport,

and of course, CBN's Gary Lane is in Florida.

The people here in Texas, their hearts

go out to the people in Florida because there's

only about two weeks difference between those storms--

Irma and Harvey.

I'm standing right now in front of the home of Jan Sage Evans.

She's lived in this house since 1956.

So everything that you see lined up on her curb,

it's not just stuff.

It's mementos and family heirlooms

that represent milestones and memories.

So as you can imagine, it's a bit overwhelming

when you're having to go through and sift through what to keep

and what to throw out.

So when the Operation Blessing caravan rolls in,

there's a sense of relief.

We met a young father earlier this week named Jacob,

and here's what he had to say in his own words.

I had that sitting up back up over there.


Jacob's world revolves around his six-year-old daughter


She had fun running around downstairs,

running through the water, splashing.


JOHN JESSUP (VOICEOVER): So when Hurricane Harvey's storm surge

swept into his home, he had only one thought.

I got MS. Getting my wife and baby out

so they can live for me.

JOHN JESSUP (VOICEOVER): Jacob and his family

were rescued by canoe, but his newly renovated home and most

everything in it were destroyed.

At the height of the storm, about eight feet of water

covered Jacob's home.

Since the waters receded, two teams from Operation Blessing

have come to remove sheet rock, drywall, and right now they're

removing his wooden floor.

I've been in tears since I got the phone call

letting me know that Operation Blessing was coming to tear

down the house for free.

JOHN JESSUP (VOICEOVER): Another unexpected answer to prayer--

a motorized wheelchair from an Operation Blessing

volunteer whose son no longer needs it.

We got this wheelchair that's been sitting back,

and nobody's been using it.

I've been trying to give it away,

and nobody wanted it or anything like that.

It's a brand new wheelchair.

He's got a wheelchair.

He's back rolling again.

JOHN JESSUP: So the blessing keeps going?

It does.

It doesn't stop.

God's good with that.


now has a prayer for CBN partners and Operation


All these people helping, they're working so hard.

I had to close my eyes.

And I was like, Lord, you better make them

some big mansions in heaven.

Please, Lord, big ones.

And you better make them my neighbors.

Thank you for the opportunity.

When one of us is down, the other ones lift him up.

And everywhere we went, that's exactly the sentiment that we

found-- just grateful hearts.

As I mentioned before, this is the home of Jan Sage Evans.

She's been a partner with CBN for years, for decades,

and also has given to Operation Blessing.

She told us she never would have imagined that she'd

be on the receiving end.

But it's nice for her to see, in her own words, the blessing

that is received in turn.

She sowed all that good seed, and now she's

on the receiving end.

I'm here with Aaron Little, Henrik Weber, and also

Cheryl Wilcox, producers for the 700 Club, and what struck us

the most is seeing this overwhelming sense

of positivity that's almost embedded in our DNA.

When people are at their lowest, they're

still able to have this sense of hope

and a lot of that is through these volunteers who

come with Operation Blessing.

What I can also say, David and Jenna,

is that these crews and Operation Blessing

will be here long after the camera crews and the television

lights are gone.

The work will continue for months, for weeks,

and for years to come.

Send it back to you.


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