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'Thank You Jesus for These People!' Operation Blessing Gets a Cheer from Florida's Forgotten

'Thank You Jesus for These People!' Operation Blessing Gets a Cheer from Florida's Forgotten Read Transcript


GARY LANE: The president and first lady's visit

comes just a day after the horrible nursing home tragedy

north of Miami.

At least eight people died at this assisted-living facility

in Hollywood, Florida, after it was

left without electricity and air-conditioning because

of Hurricane Irma.

The oppressive heat and humidity were

too much for the elderly residents to bear.

We depend on those people in those facilities

to care for our most vulnerable elderly population.

And it's really sad when something like this goes on.

GARY LANE: Police are opening a criminal investigation

to learn why facility officials hadn't removed the seniors

and taken them to a safer place.

More than 3 million Florida residents

are still without power.

And FEMA officials now say, 90% of the homes in the Florida

Keys were destroyed or suffered damage

because of the hurricane.

Hurricane Irma has claimed a lot of victims.

And some of them feel like they are truly forgotten people.

And they don't live in places like the big houses in Key West

or in Naples.

And those homes have to be rebuilt, and they will be.

But they're forgotten people because they

live in places like this.

This is a marina near Jacksonville.

And the people here-- about eight families--

feel like they're forgotten because now this marina is

shutting down.

Closing permanently because of Hurricane Irma,

this office sign reads.

Debra Jennings is one of the seniors living on a sailboat


We have a boat marina here with retired people

on fixed incomes.

Once our bills are paid, our dockage is paid,

there is no more money for us.

GARY LANE: She says Irma hit them hard.

Their boat engines were damaged by the storm

surge and no longer work.

They have little money for food or to fix their boats

and move elsewhere.

Good morning.

How are you?

Oh, hanging in there.

GARY LANE: CBN's Operation Blessing learned of their needs

and arrived with food, water, and other supplies.

It was a matter of eating and not eating.

We were down to nothing.

Refrigeration systems are down.

We have no power.

I'm blown away at the wonderful things y'all did for us.

They brought food for all the boaters.

Plentiful-- just blowed me away with what y'all have done.

And we really, really thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

GARY LANE: And now they're just praying

that someone will help them tow their broken boats

and find a new place to live.

In the meantime, the Jennings, and many others

here in Florida, are thankful for Operation Blessing--

for the food, water, and other items in a time of crisis

and for prayers of encouragement for the future.

Lord, just bless them beyond their wildest dreams.

And let them know that you love them.


And as the Body of Christ, we love them.

In Jesus' name, amen.



And thank you, Jesus, for these people.


GARY LANE: Gary Lane, CBN News, Jacksonville, Florida.

But thank you.


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